April 23, 2009 10:16
The Louisiana Board of Regents has 87 university, community college and technical college degree programs in its crosshairs and is calling for the programs to be terminated due to low completion rates. The list includes the bachelor of arts in philosophy program at UL Lafayette. “The state must invest in programs that have a proven track record of success,” said Board of Regents Chairman Artis Terrell in announcing the body’s decision.

The Board of Regents also identified six programs at UL that should be conditionally maintained and then re-evaluated in three years: bachelors of science in geology, dental hygiene and professional land management; master of arts in French; master of science in physics; and the doctoral program in cognitive science. The only program at UL the board recommended be maintained is the bachelor of science in athletic training.

The programs on the potential chopping block were identified by the board in January and higher education institutions were given an opportunity to respond and to make their own recommendations on the programs. UL Lafayette recommended that all eight programs be maintained.

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