Jan. 26, 2010 05:07
The 11th Hole at Hermann Park Golf Course in Houston has an extra hazard to look out for. A Cessna 170 is still parked in the middle of the fairway following a safe emergency landing last night. The pilot, Brendon Ford, was flying alone, returning home to Columbus, Texas, from Lafayette when he ran out of fuel and glided his plane over a group of golfers just finishing up on the 10th hole. Ford said an apparent problem with his fuel gauge led him to believe he had more fuel than he actually did. He told one reporter he flew into Lafayette to show his plane to a prospective buyer. (Note to prospective buyer: Get that fuel gauge checked.)

Ford also complimented the greenskeeper at Hermann Park. "They have a wonderful golf course here and it's very smooth fairways and a nice place to land your plane," he said.
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