July 12, 2006 12:00
Thank you for the wonderful editorial ("The Independent Weekly Sues Ray Authement's Office," July 5). That little tin-horn despot has been treating the university personnel this way for decades with no chance of appeal. The atmosphere of dread and disdain trickles down onto every weary head and abuses whoever is under them. This could be such a lovely little garden of free thought and beauty. It's sad.

Take him down! His time passed long ago. Do a Haile Selassie on him; take him out in a used Volkswagen.

Should Democrats dump Dixie? DEC 17 Blogger Bob Mann gives his two cents on the question being discussed among tight-pants-bushy-beard-hat-on-in-the-house northern liberals who were disgusted by Mary's defeat. In a round-about way, he's seeking to remind them that the pendulum always swings back. Must-read story about Janzen Jackson DEC 17 This post on Vice Sports is an in-depth look at the life of Janzen Jack

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