March 26, 2010 03:48

Blue Moon kicks out the jams this weekend.

It's no secret that the Blue Moon Saloon has no shortage of killer shows. Some weekends, though, the stars align and they hammer out back to back rad bills.  Vagabond Swing and The Howdies fill team up on March 26. Vagabond Swing play bebop gypsy jazz, mariachi funk, and chicken scratch ragtime. That's a lot of stuff mixed into one pot. Good stuff. It's all in there Fellini godfather, jukebox swing meets Euro-sex shop cobblestone reefer. In 1924. The Howdies play raunch-riffing moonshine rockabilly for wayward hillbillies and unrepentant hipsters. Good show. Dynamite action. Money shot. Do it, you colloidal silver swallowing fool! Following night.  March 27. The place goes off. It's like a freaking musical touchdown. Everybody's happy. Screams and punch drunk madams. Titans of industry. What's going on? The Iguanas play Blue Moon. From New Orleans, The Iguanas are expensive furniture smooth and clean. Their sound is urbane roots rock mixed with worldbeat mish-mash and trapezoid jam gymnastics. Catch both these shows March 26 and 27 at the Blue Moon Saloon.

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