Dec. 28, 2005 12:00
Someone, possibly a satirist, once said, "Art is for people who think they are better than everyone else." While this is a generalization that will ultimately be found to be unfairly stereotypical, it occurs to me that there are some characters involved in the saga of the art museum who are to a great extent concerned with their wealth, position, power and legacies ("Museum Meltdown," Nov. 23). And then there is Herman Mhire, who appears genuinely and passionately concerned with art as a celebration of man's highest virtues and dreams, and his separation from the rest of the animal world.

It seems that the former characters have caused the loss of Herman Mhire, $2 million in endowments and possibly the art museum as it was and could have continued to be, a wonderful treasure unequaled for a city the size of Lafayette. What a pity.

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