Feb. 4, 2011 03:52

George Rodrigue is a man on a mission.

George Rodrigue is a man on a mission. In an attempt to save the tree now named the Youngsville Heritage Oak, he has turned a painting around in three days. That's pretty impressive, even for someone used to cranking out images as fast as a Xerox machine.

The prints from the painting will sell for $500 each, to help reach a goal of $250,000, the estimated cost to move the 250-year-old oak.

The tree is in the path of a new road alignment and roundabout for Youngsville. The newly formed group Guardian of the Oaks is attempting to raise the money within less than 30 days, before construction begins, to move the oak out of harm's way.

To sign up for a print, go to the George Rodrigue Foundation for the Arts website.

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