June 17, 2011 05:47
Cattycakes Café, have you heard of it?Cattycakes Café, have you heard of it?  The name Catty is short for Catherine as per her younger sister.  It came from Catherine's sister trying to say Catherine but Catty came out, and then "cakes" followed.

Catherine doesn't just like baking cakes; she loves making all sorts of interesting recipes and of her food is made from fresh ingredients.

As a registered Dietician it comes natural to be health conscious and well luckily for us, she is!

If you love hummus, soups, salads and quiches like I do, you must try Cattycakes Café! O-M-G---I could eat a tub of her hummus, but I had to stop, because even healthy foods in large quantity aren't healthy for the waste line.

Catherine and her assistant Laura go out of their way to always provide adequate service. I never feel rushed and the atmosphere is great.  

Oh and you must try the pimento cheese spread and the Portuguese soup-it's healthy so indulge (a little).but I can smell the hummus now

Run, don't walk to Cattycakes Café. It's located in the Oil Center on 1116-F Coolidge Blvd. Call if you have any questions 337.269.1958. Open Weekdays 10:30am-4pm.

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