July 1, 2011 03:44

More bizarre still: The governor was aware of the $5K donation to Hollis' classroom.

Gubernatorial candidate Tara Hollis, a north Louisiana public school teacher, says via a press release that Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to meet her. Hollis adds that her political action committee, Friends of Tara Hollis, has received two calls from the governor's office requesting a meeting "as soon as possible."

This bizarre development - an incumbent governor seeking re-election requesting a meeting with an opponent, especially one from an opposing party - comes on the heels of Jindal's political action committee, Friends of Bobby Jindal, making a $5,000 donation through a national educational philanthropy website to Hollis' special education classroom in her home parish of Claiborne. Hollis now claims Jindal was aware of the donation, and there's been some speculation that the governor may be trying to "buy off" the only candidate who announced a run against him this fall. That's hard to imagine considering the Republican has an estimated campaign kitty approaching $12 million and Hollis, a virtual unknown conservative Democrat, only announced her campaign in late spring.

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