Dec. 5, 2011 06:42

After 10 years of serving South American food with Cuban flair, Guamas has closed.

After 10 years of serving South American food with Cuban flair, Guamas has closed.

Murmurs were heard on social networking sites this past weekend that Guamas employees were seen emptying out its contents. A stroll down Jefferson Street today confirms it as its doors were swung wide open as men ferried out its contents into awaiting trucks and trailers.

"This is not the time for small restaurants," says Rubens Mesa who, along with his wife Julieta Tarazona, owned Guamas. Mesa credits the economy for the downfall of their restaurant. The decision, says Mesa, was made sometime last week.

The food at Guamas was original. The two different countries its owners hailed from combined to give it novel twists and turns with meat preparations and sauces, appetizers and drinks. Guamas also hosted a Latin night where many a Cajun learned to put the slow waltz aside to learn how to salsa.

Mesa says their lease was month-to-month and he doesn't know what will open next in that space.

For now, the couple plans to take a break. "We would like to reopen, maybe in a few years," Mesa says. "But not now." A look at Tarazona's Facebook page says they may reopen in another location. No matter the reasons for Guamas Restaurant closing, it will be missed.

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