Jan. 3, 2012 04:10

Out today, Jan. 3, "Greatest Super Bowl Moments" is a must-have DVD for Saints fans. The timing could not be better.

Awarding it three out of four stars and noting its Jan. 3 release, just as the Saints prepare for the first step in another run at the big dance, The Times-Picayune reports that "Greatest Super Bowl Moments" is a stirring reminder of the greatest football game ever played, Super Bowl XLIV.

Whenever or wherever you watch it, though, prepare for everyone to quiet down when the Saints' Super Bowl XLIV comes along. Because this is a segment filled with moments worth reliving and relishing.

There's Mike Bell slipping at the 2-yard line and getting chewed out on the sideline by Payton for wearing the wrong cleats. ...

There's Jeremy Shockey backing his way, bulling his way, into the end zone. There's Lance Moore stretching and diving for a 2-point conversion to put the Saints up by 7. 

And there's Tracy Porter's pick-six, a 70-yard interception returned for a touchdown to all but seal the deal.

As for the "Ambush" featurette - an 8-minute dissection of that play that unfolds with the thoroughness of a History Channel examination of Gettysburg or Antietam - it's as compelling a reason as any for Saints fans to buy "Greatest Super Bowl Moments."

It's one of three featurettes included on the disc - all of them recycled from previous releases or that aired on the NFL Network - and it's a winner. 

Fittingly, "Ambush" begins with WWL Radio's Jim Henderson delivering the play-by-play for that 63-second post-kick scrum that would go down in history.

Read more of the T-P's review here.

After a few phone calls, we found that Best Buy had it in stock for $9.99; Barnes & Noble had only one copy in the store, but you can call 989-4142 to order it (press 0 to bypass the recorded message).