Jan. 31, 2012 05:45

As of this morning, the line-up announcements for Festival International 2012 began.

As of this morning, the line-up announcements for Festival International 2012 began.

Starting today the staff behind Festival International have gathered up feather dusters and begun tickling our curiousities on just who and what we can expect to perform this year. Every year the Fest grows a bit more and the reach expands to farther corners of multicultural music.

So far, only Wednesday has been announced. The Scéne Malibu Fais Do Do stage hosts Terry & the Zydeco Bad Boys as well as Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers.

Lafayette's burgeoning film industry is also represented with Soirées du Cinéma beginning on April 23, the Monday of Festival week. That schedule has Cité des Arts kicking off the first two nights, showing Gainsburg at 6:30 p.m. with a performance by Philippe Billeaudeaux & Friends following and Water on Road April 24 also at 6:30 p.m. French Press hosts the April 25 with showings of POV Short Cuts at 6 p.m. then The Pirogue Maker at 7 p.m. 

All films shown as part of Soirées du Cinéma have free admission.

Just in time to be our Valentines, the full, non-feather-teasing line-up for Festival International promises to be up by Feb. 14. We hope they do or they won't get that box of chocolates shaped like a dobro we've been eyeing as a gift. Check back with us as the charmed date grows near.

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