March 2, 2012 06:59

The former CODOFIL president's hackles were raised by a popular song extolling the virtues of "coonass" culture.

Lafayette attorney Warren Perrin, the former president of CODOFIL and a well-known promoter and defender of Cajun culture best known for compelling Queen Elizabeth II to issue a royal proclamation acknowledging the 18th century British expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia, is targeting a song by one of Acadiana's most popular Cajun musicians. In an email to friends and associates Thursday, Perrin writes, "Today, after I threatened to file [an] FCC complaint, KBON removed the coonasss' song by Bergeron from their playlist. Let me know if others are playing it."

The Bergeron Perrin references is Jamie Bergeron, accordionist/frontman for Jamie Bergeron & The Kickin' Cajuns and his song, "RCA (Registered Coonass)," an energetic, country-fied ode to crawfish eating, Holly Beach and the rest of "name-brand" Cajun culture. Perrin has long waged a campaign against the word, which he considers a racial slur on par with the "N" word.

An employee at KBON declined to discuss the matter and punted to station owner Paul Marx, who is out of town until Monday and cannot be reached for comment.

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