May 5, 2015 10:45 AM
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Today we look at back jewelry or body jewelry at ASK AMANDA where each week I answer your style queries and fashion conundrums. Send your question now to and check back each Tuesday for more sartorial mysteries solved.

I'm curious about the back jewelry crazy. Is it okay to wear it in casual settings or just formal? I love it. — Ashlee LaFleur

Dearest Ashlee,

Jewelry of the back or body variety is all about what you're wearing it with and where you're wearing it to. The short answer is 'yes.'

In a formal setting a beautiful necklace down the back of a backless dress can be a simple line of shimmering stones. Super glam and totally chic. Just the way to show off a svelte back. When it's a casual setting, it's easy to go boho with some body jewelry.

I pulled these looks from Vanessa Mooney to show just how the hippie girl does it right. While it's clearly a sexy look, keep the rest of your routine more natural. Going too glam midday with body jewelry or too tough can quickly get into dominatrix territory.

Try pieces that are delicate and look for something that's akin to a necklace gone wild. Avoid too many colored stones or bling and stick to pieces that are simply metallic with neutral makeup and undone hair. For summertime, low-back maxi dresses or strappy little tanks are a great way to wear a boho necklace you already have down the back.

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