June 4, 2015 07:54 AM

Today the Best in Beauty looks to summertime's must have hair do — the braid. It's my favorite year round. But, nothing says effortless laid back summertime like a lovely braid in the hair. Bonus: they take far less time than most other hair styles.

For my personal braid I tease hair (and, yes, it might even be better if hair is dirty), then sweep to one side. Braid loosely. No need for it to be perfect. I use a small clear rubber band to secure the bottom of the braid. To finish the look (and if you have layers that you don't want in your face) secure hair with a small bobby pin in the front as well as the back.

The messy braid is high on my list for everything from running errands in short and a T-shirt to smoothed out messy braids for dressier events. The best go-to spot for inspiration is Pinterest where you'll find easy tutorials on fishtail braids that rock and ideas for creative ways to braid no matter your hair length.

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