Aug. 11, 2015 10:29 AM

Each week at ASK AMANDA we talk about what to wear and what to wear it with ... today we talk about what you're wearing underneath it all. Love those sexy little lacy mini-bras? Read on for the best way to pull one off.

What can you wear the lacy bralettes with? And are they or are they not appropriate to be worn teaching high school?

- Amy Breaux

Dearest Mrs. Breaux,

This newest arrival to the land of ladies skivvies is a tempting find to be sure. I've had my eye on them on all summer. Before we go further a disclaimer: Most offer little to no support in comparison with a true bra. But, they are a great option for a host of summertime finds.

There are some ensembles that a strapless bra simply doesn't work well. Think lace backs and rompers low cut in the front. The bralette is that great in between undergarment that can show without the same taboo feeling of showing a real bra. (Why this is ... I can't explain it.)

The first bralette I tried was with the killer harem jumpsuits pictured from Bevo's. Try a contrasting color for a fun pop in any ensemble. Over at Maven Womenswear they paired a neutral lacy bralette with a sheer-detailed ensemble.

For maxis with skinny straps a lacy bralette is a great match or for a low back little tank dress. There are a host of other bralettes that offer a bit of padding or come in solid fabrications with cool details like a ladder back or criss cross designs — all made to show rather than hide what's normally underneath it all.

As for whether it's appropriate for a teacher? It depends on the dress code. In most cases probably better to stick with a camisole under skinny little tops or try a bralette that's sans lace to tone it down.

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