Sept. 21, 2015 11:43 AM

Citing potential conflict between her job and serving District 8, candidate says she will vacate sales manager post if she wins the election.

Liz Webb Hebert says she will resign from the Cajundome if she wins the District 8 council seat this fall.

Liz Webb Hebert says in a Monday press release that she will resign from the Cajundome if she wins the District 8 City-Parish Council seat in the upcoming election.

Hebert is convention center sales manager for the events venue.

“It is the responsibility of a public servant to maintain the trust of the public. Prior to my decision to run for City-Parish Council, I began the process to validate whether I would be able to hold this elective office and maintain my career at the Cajundome,” Hebert says in the release, explaining that LCG has some budget oversight of the facility. “After working closely with the Louisiana Board of Ethics and the State Attorney General, it has become clear that I will not be able to do both. Despite a thriving eight-year career at the Cajundome, being on the City-Parish Council has always been a goal of mine. Therefore, I will resign from the Cajundome if elected.”

Hebert says the Board of Ethics’ official opinion found no problem with her continuing to work for the Cajundome while serving as a City-Parish Council member as long as she abstained from any vote that deals with the Cajundome budget. But the Attorney General’s office has indicated that the “Dual Office Holding” clause would likely prevent her from doing both.

“I respect the opinion of both offices and plan to uphold their recommendations,” Hebert says. “As someone who will sit on the City-Parish Council, it is not about what I want but about doing the right thing and being open to the public about it.”

“We are so proud of Liz and her civic commitment to Lafayette,” Pam Deville, the Cajundome’s assistant director, says in the release. “We are disappointed that she will not be able to maintain both positions simultaneously, but we admire her determination to do what is right. Over the last eight years she has proven to be a very valuable employee and leader in our organization. Liz has made a significant impact on our bottom line, and her sales talent will be missed not only by us but also her clients.”

Hebert, a 32-year-old Republican and lifelong resident of Lafayette Parish, faces fellow Republicans Gerald Judice and Carol Ross in the Oct. 24 election.