Sept. 29, 2015 11:01 AM
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Today we talk the fam photos. I am a bit of rebel in the matching department. (If you can't see my socks, what's it to ya if they're different colors?) And so when we talk about coordinating outfits for a family photo for fall or the holidays I like to keep it simple. Sorry, Pinterest — no time for all that.


I need some help with ideas for family fall or holiday photos? Dressing boys for family photos? A color pallete?

Lost in Pinterest,

Monica Hornsby

Dearest Monica,

Log out of the Pinterest. Keep it simple. For family photos I like to keep things neutral and add the panache with accessories. While we all like a little whimsy, we keep it real around here for the family pix.

If these are photos you plan to keep on the walls for years, I find timeless to be the aim in the wardrobe. I start with neutral basics and love a hefty dose of layering. Denim is a great choice no matter the background and for fall you can't beat tones that are both earthy and warm.

The boys looks from Melodi's Belles and Beaus are durable enough to let the little guys run around for the shoot. (I personally love one posed photo paired with a host of fun candid shots of my son acting like the 3-year-old he is — wild.)

For ladies, the LBD done casual is a great option. I love this one from Vanessa V. Take a casual black dress and pair it with boots, a fun scarf or a long tassel necklace. Layer it up with a little motorcycle vest or leather leggings if you're a funky gal. For the demure mom try a simple flat ballet shoe and post earrings.

For dads, dark denim is the perfect casual foundation that still looks put together. We love this merlot shirt from Brother's on the Blvd. with dark jeans. Layer it with a simple plaid or solid button down and your family is laid back picture perfect.

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