March 1, 2016 02:22 PM

Lafayette native inspires national designer.

Kendra Scott has fast become a household name in killer jewelry of the everyday variety. And now a Lafayette native is among her latest inspirations. Mallory Page Rodrigue, formerly Mallory Page Chastant, began her career in art in the Hub City before traveling and later establishing a home studio in New Orleans where she paints and is active in the arts community.

Mallory Page is known for work that’s modern, but soft. She is a lover of color that is subtle, yet bold in its own way. And it’s something that caught the eye of the meteoric rising Scott, who has the same vibe with her insanely popular and wearable jewelry.

“She [Kendra] has artwork in every store and she’s really into quality and wants the space to be an extension of herself and her home,” Rodrigue explains.

The two met thanks to a gallery that reps Mallory Page in Austin where Scott is based.

The inspiration from art to jewelry flowed into a process that included store displays.

“It’s so wonderful to collaborate with a client and a friend, and working with women is so much fun,” Rodrigue says. “It’s the first really great collaboration that was retail-focused on a big scale. She has 40-something stores around the country.”

It’s a move seen by a lot of brands as of late — connecting creative forces across lines of business and joining art and products. When we spoke, Rodrigue said she is working on another collaboration with hopes to announce details soon. Her only hint: it involves a Louisiana native.

Until then, locally you can find Scott’s stunning new collection at Brother’s on the Boulevard.

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