Oct. 12, 2016 06:09 PM

William Michael Morgan performing at Rhythms on the River Thursday (Oct. 13) is one of the series’ biggest bookings ever. Whereas the rest of the line-up stays close to proven local favorites, Morgan is an up-an-comer enjoying steady radio play of his “I Met a Girl” on mainstream country radio. A Vicksburg, Miss. native, his bio (and some of his lesser known songs) credits him as a fan of classic country. Yet, his big song was written by Sam Hunt, who has as much connection to legit country as a blackened seafood dish at Red Lobster has to Cajun cooking. So, should you go? Let’s break it down:

● Sam Hunt wrote his signature song. Sure, it’s made it’s way up the charts. Sure, it’s probably playing in about 20 minutes on 97.3. That just about confirms how vapid “I Met a Girl” is.

● My second grader likes his song. She likes Happy Meals, too.

● If you are a fan of his music, don’t go expecting everyone else to be. Most folks don’t go to this series to actually listen to the music. Want to see him in a venue where his performance will be appreciated instead of just a backdrop for socializing and kids playing tag? It will cost you gas and ticket money.

● Let’s be honest, in five years you won’t remember who this guy was or what was that one song he sang. And it’s going to drive you nuts.

● Though Hunt penned “I Met a Girl,” its not his usual talk/rap/auto tune garbage. And, hey, it’s just one song.

● My second-grader likes his song. Yours probably will too.

● Chicks, man. I’d say 99 percent of his fan base is female.

● Although he’s not Waylon, Willie or the boys, the rest of his set list plays out more along the lines of not-pop country (think an updated, less nasal Randy Travis). Sure, he’s a Nashville studio product but his stuff that isn’t on the radio isn’t on the radio for a reason.

● When it comes to the relationship of big show to little price, this one is a steal. Next time Morgan comes to town, you won’t be seeing it for free.

● Let’s be honest, what else is going on a Thursday night? (As long as you don’t check the listings for the Blue Moon, Artmopshere or any local centric live music venue, that is.)


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