Jan. 16, 2017 03:32 PM

A Downtown Lafayette watering hole has apologized for its “MLK Sunday Funday” promotion. It has yet to issue a mea culpa for its awful graphic design sensibility. And can we get some marriage counseling for "DOOR" and "OPEN"? They are clearly headed for divorce.

The general manager of The Office Bar on Jefferson Street issued an apology on Facebook Sunday afternoon following a micro burst of outrage over the bar’s decision to theme its Sunday night around Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

I’m going to officially apologize of any misinterpretations on our flyer for this Sunday. There was never any ill intent. And I do you understand many of the opinions. Dr. King had many speeches on love and bringing us together. There was no disrespect meant by the flyer. I personally, as the general manager, will be more thoughtful in future flyers. My goal at The Office is to bring people of all backgrounds together.