Feb. 3, 2017 03:25 PM

Don’t stop believin’, IND readers. Your aesthetics are sound.

Readers taking an online survey at theind.com overwhelmingly selected, 66 to 34 percent, the Journey design as their choice (over the Spirit design) for the new terminal at Lafayette Regional Airport. This choice is excellent. It’s the best choice.

The Journey design is remarkable for the colored-glass overhang at the terminal entrance. It suggests in its zig-zagging levels and triangular shapes an airplane. Those who favored the Spirit design noted in comments on the survey that they worried that so much glass incorporated into the Journey design would make the terminal harder to keep cool during the summer and posed a hazard during hurricanes.

But the majority overlooked those concerns and embraced the aesthetic aspects of Journey.

Some choice responses from those who favored Journey: “I like the 'stained glass' look on the front which also happily looks like an airplane. I like that the front drop off area is all covered, not just in sections like the other. I like the varied shapes — wings and circles rather than just rectangles,” wrote one respondent. “It’s sleek and speaks to how Lafayette is a town meant to play an ever bigger role the Gulf region in the future,” added another.

Our favorite, by a reader who took the bait in our initial story touting the survey: “Because Journey was a much better rock band than Spirit.” That’s a highly dubious claim, dear reader, but thanks for playing along!

You can still weigh in on your favorite design by taking the survey posted by the airport.


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