Feb. 7, 2017 10:37 AM
Less than one-third of Gov. John Bel Edwards' deficit-closing plan would involve budget cuts to state agencies.

The governor's plan, released Monday, would use $119 million from the "rainy day" fund and about $100 million in other financing to help close the $304 million deficit.

Dollars from better-than-expected fee collections would be used to fill gaps. Money allocated to the legislative auditor's office to pay for a new office building would instead fill budget holes. The health department would get $44 million in higher-than-anticipated tobacco tax collections to replace other state financing.

Lawmakers will consider the proposals in a 10-day special session that begins Feb. 13.

Edwards is seeking to shield K-12 education, colleges, prisons and the child welfare agency from cuts. The largest reduction would hit the health department.