June 6, 2017 11:45 AM

Higgins is a shameless Bible-waver, as this campaign image attests.

As U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins doubles down or walks back — depending on your reading of subsequent statements issued by his office — incendiary comments suggesting that the Western-Christian world is in a holy war with Muslim extremism, leaders within the faith Higgins wears on his sleeve are denouncing his Sunday Facebook post that repeatedly called for the extrajudicial killing of suspected terrorists.

Huffington Post reached out to several Christian leaders — excepting Evangelical leaders whose faith, like Higgins’, is tailored for convenience, profit and political expedience — and none had kind words for the Louisiana congressman who makes frequent reference to his Christian faith.

“It would be hard to find a statement more antithetical to Christianity, or more lacking in the most elementary understanding of Jesus,” James Martin, a Jesuit priest, told the website.

“No one who calls himself a Christian can utter the words that Rep. Clay Higgins wrote about Muslims,” added Rev. Dr. Katherine R. Henderson, president of Auburn Seminary. “As a Christian minister, I denounce his words in the strongest terms. Jesus, Himself, would never have condoned such a statement.”

For more on the reaction to Higgins’ post, check out this opinion piece from nola.com. Of particular note is a screen capture of a back and forth between Higgins and a constituent in which Higgins challenges the man to what we can only assume is fisticuffs (as opposed to an old-fashioned duel). And don't miss the comment section attached to the story.