Nov. 25, 2014 10:15
What I will tell my 3 year old about Ferguson The newsfeed today is full of dark. No matter what you believe about what did or didn't happen in Missouri. No matter what you believe the world is full of hate. It's full of hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Take that as you will. Our world is full of hurt. It's full of pain. On days there are riots. On days there aren't riots. The world is full of pain. Full of it. So, what is it we tell our children today? Mine is 3. (Probably the most I'm telling him on any given day: if you don't eat those apple slices so help me!) But, today and every da
Nov. 21, 2014 03:32
The beauty of social media Tonight I write from home with a sick little boy. Not for real sick. Sick of the hand, foot and mouth variety. I do not write to complain on the health front. He's healthy. Dude is 3 and the world at this age is a germ soup. (Anyone have a 4T hazmat suit?) And this is my life. This is our life oh mothers of children that leave the house. They get sick and then better and then you get sick and then you're all sick. And you're trapped. At home. In the rocking chair. On the couch. With a thermometer in one hand a sippy cup in the other trying every bribe in the
Oct. 31, 2014 06:30
The Super Momma   For Halloween this week I dressed as Super Momma. Because I believe it may just take super hero epic size powers to pull this motherhood thing off on some days. I rocked that cape as a kind of shout out to my mommas in the mommyhood. Here's to you. Here's to the mommas that feel like super heroes because that little girl is finally potty trained and every third night sleeps in her own bed (the whole entire night). Here's to the mommas who work all day and momma all night. Who clean up the puke virus splatter then go to the office and work twice as fast for fear t
Aug. 11, 2014 07:40
A powerful PSA on childhood obesity and why the epidemic needs to stop today   In general I try to avoid the overly shared video posts I see on Facebook - one more cute cat video and productivity will be at an all time low for me. However, today I ran across a link to a video of a man having a heart attack and I let my mind take in the message. Click
July 14, 2014 04:41
The joys of balloon animals and the struggle to be everything You will never be enough. And that's alright. Because you're just the one person and you're more than enough for the spots you fill and the love you share and the hope you inject. If you saw Mom's Night Out it was fantastic and delivered a great message to moms that we are enough. I agree in some ways and not in others. It's all in how you're looking at the big picture. (You know the really big one that we can't really see so much down here on earth?) Us mommas have a way of being sure no one else can mother our children like
June 26, 2014 12:02
Wearing shorts (a lot) and other terrifying endeavors   I hate shorts. I loathe them. With the fire of a thousand suns. They never fit me right. They are too short. They are too long. They hug the parts I don't wanna be hugged and gap in the wrong spots. I do not wear shorts unless under duress. Until now.   Now I am a mom. I do a lot of things I don't want to do. I've long said perhaps the best parenthood hashtag is #itsnotaboutyou. But, it also is about you. A lot. Maybe a more accurate hashtag would be #getoveryourself. Because that's what being a mom is really about. Gett
June 24, 2014 04:06
Family Blending 101 I always knew that mixing or blending families with another once I found that special someone would be a challenge. Now a year later, we are working to successfully blend two adults, three kids and two dogs with loads of success and few set backs so I wanted to share my experience and tips for this oh so scary journey.   1.  Know what you want - Before you can make anyone else happy and help lead a new family unity, you have to know what you need and want out of the situation. For me, I want my kids to be in a healthy and stable household that is loving, car
June 9, 2014 12:30
Soccer dad I am officially a soccer dad. Our Little Men joined a team in the Youngsville area this spring. I couldn't wait to get off of work on that first night to go with them to the field and watch them in their first practice. My parents did not encourage me, my sister or my brother to pursue sports or other extra-curricular activities. I'm not sure if it was the costs involved or the fact that standing on the sidelines was the last thing either wanted to do after a full day of work. For me, it was simply a joy to see the twins run up and down the soccer field. You couldn't find a
June 6, 2014 04:09
The time we gain My husband and I tease that if we had one week without Vivi, we could catch up on everything in our life and get ahead of the game. But you know what we'd probably do? The same amount of work we would do with her. I think it's so silly to think, but sounds logical, that if we were free-willing kidless people again, life would be sooo much easier. The fact is, you adjust and you fit in what you need to. I can't pretend that I'd be a better manager of my time than the current single or kid-free population. Because when did that happen? When did I become suddenly s
May 30, 2014 01:03
The power we give our words "Words can hurt" - but it is we ourselves who allow words to wound and wield power over us. I remember there was a time after my daughter was first diagnosed that I couldn't even say the "A" word. The thought of my child, my beautiful 2 year old baby, having something called "autism", a "life-long disability" that was "incurable" ran continuously in an endless loop around and around my brain. My heart ached to the very core of my being in such a way as I had never felt before. I had fallen deep in the abyss of anger - angry at God and angry at the world t