Dec. 1, 2014 08:43
Anya Burgess opening a violin shop in Lafayette is what you call serendipity.
Nov. 3, 2014 10:48
The Vermilion River Alliance has formed to give the waterway new protections in the vein of the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper.   Photo by Robin May  Marcus Orcot, left, and Charles Wyatt Water quality along and on the Bayou Vermilion has been a topic of concern for Acadiana denizens for years, but now a group has been forged to take the issue head on. The Vermilion River Alliance was created this summer to expand the efforts of the Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association, which deals mainly with the problems of the Vermilion as they relate to the 35-mile str
Oct. 1, 2014 10:00
A constellation of South Louisiana musical stars descends on Parc Sans Souci to honor an ailing David Egan.   A constellation of South Louisiana musical stars descends on Parc Sans Souci to honor an ailing David Egan. Photos by Dennie and Katie Culbert Songwriter extraordinaire David Egan is fighting the good fight against the Big C right now. In a show of unity for the man behind so many great songs, one of his current bands, the swamp pop super group Lil' Band O' Gold, decided to perform the Sept. 19 Downtown Alive! concert in David's honor. And man was it
Sept. 2, 2014 09:15
Downtown Alive! trims down to just seven concerts but draws bigger crowds and seasonal attendance.   Downtown Alive! trims down to just seven concerts but draws bigger crowds and seasonal attendance. By Walter Pierce Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014 If you've seen the poster for the new Fall 2014 Downtown Alive! concert series, you might have noticed fewer concerts. Far fewer. Eleven to 12 was the norm for the biannual series until last fall - you're old-school Lafayette if you remember when they moved it into the cacophonous cement parking tower on rainy days - when Downtown Lafayette U
Aug. 1, 2014 09:44
Lafayette sisters head to LSU cheerleading squad   If you told Emile Joseph he'd be sitting in Tiger Stadium waiting for his child to run from the end zone onto the field in Death Valley he imagined it would be a son playing football. Instead he has two daughters decked in the purple and gold.   Caroline Joseph is starting her junior year at LSU as her younger sister Maddy heads to Baton Rouge for her first year and both are on the LSU cheerleading squad. It's the first time sisters have cheered on the same squad that anyone can recall (if ever) and while both have cheered in
July 1, 2014 09:06
The short story for summer The short story this summer is the high-waisted short. Done with a throwback vibe and usually uber short, it is that rare micro trend that's caught fire with no sign of letting up. "I would say they are perfect for a retro girl with strong personal style," says Maven Womenswear owner Christina Barbier. These polka dot little shorts on model Victoria Stringer are just $34 from Maven and certainly deliver that vintage vibe. There's something about a high-waisted short that screams summertime, but Barbier predicts the new affection for the high-waisted sh
June 2, 2014 09:45
An artist goes super green Lori Henderson has no idea where she's going. Because she can go anywhere. The artist and shaman is taking the gypsy life and doing it the green way. She's converting a van into a studio on wheels. It's a place she can live and share her talents wherever and however she wants. Totally sufficient without modern power source. The green life for real. "I have this adventurous spirit - not to be tied to the grid and create in the wilderness," Henderson says. The van will be part living space and part area for creating art
May 2, 2014 09:30
It was a Festival International de Louisiane for the ages. Again   With temps hovering in the low 80s and a mostly cooperative Mama Nature, Festival International 2014 was once again a brilliant swell of sound and color, of reunions and introductions, dancing blisters onto feet - those inevitable "festival moments" that etch themselves into that corner of our minds where fond memories reside. With attendance hovering around 400,000 over its five glorious days, FIL 2014 proved again that Lafayette and the world can get together and throw one hell of a party, as IND contributing pho
April 1, 2014 10:00
Local porcelain artist preps for The Big Easel Hand-crafted Local porcelain artist preps for The Big Easel   Photos by Robin May   Susan Chiquelin creates beauty with her bare hands. The Lafayette porcelain artist is working on her collection to show at The Big Easel in May. Her inspiration comes from various sources, and two of her latest pieces were inspired by Japanese elements. "I brought back ginkgo leaves from Kyoto, so they inspired two of the pieces and others are inspired by nature," she says. Chiquelin joins 75 artists for Th
March 3, 2014 11:00
Lafayette native screenwriter returns   The halls of NP Moss were buzzing with life on a recent Sunday afternoon. A junior and senior were in one class with a chess board ready for battle, both full of that sort of bubbling banter that gets lost somewhere after the days spent among lockers. But these are not students of Lafayette Parish, and this classroom is merely a makeshift spot for touchups as actors Laura Marano, Kat McNamara and Parker Mack wait for their next round of shooting.   The indie film A Sort of Homecoming is a homecoming for screenwriter Lynn Reed,

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