Dec. 16, 2014 02:06
In the latest post on his blog, the New Orleans investigative reporter almost sounds like he’s ready to quit out of frustration with the staggering level of corruption we in Louisiana have become so depressingly blasé about.
Dec. 16, 2014 12:44
Questionable hiring practices could mean close to 30 officers of the Crowley Police Department have been wearing the badge illegitimately since around 2008.
Dec. 15, 2014 03:07
Two members of City-Parish President Joey Durel’s team are moving up within Lafayette Consolidated Government.
Dec. 15, 2014 02:01
In recent weeks, the solidarity movement sparked by the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner has spread to cities across the country; it finally hit Lafayette over the weekend with a march protesting the rise in excessive force incidents involving police.
Dec. 12, 2014 11:01
The Lafayette Police Department is testing out various types of officer-mounted body cameras, but despite overwhelming evidence and expert opinions about the benefits in terms of evidence collection, department higher-ups appear more skeptical than anything.
Dec. 12, 2014 12:44
After helping put an end to the graft and corruption that had long plagued the LPSS maintenance department, Thad Welch was rewarded with his termination; he filed suit Friday.
Dec. 11, 2014 01:58
Lafayette’s first new public art in a long while is now open for visitors at Parc Sans Souci Downtown.
Dec. 10, 2014 03:21
The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal has sided with a pair of teachers and against the Lafayette Parish School Board in a back-pay dispute that, if the ruling holds, will net the teachers thousands of dollars in compensation.
Dec. 10, 2014 01:54
State Treasurer John KennedyPhoto by Robin MayWidely viewed as having done a solid job as state treasurer and long thought to have his eye on next year’s governor’s race, John Kennedy seems to be leaning toward replacing Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. LaPolitics, which noted as far back as February
Dec. 9, 2014 09:31
What happens after you rip off the logo of a gay bar in Richmond, Va., folks assume you’re a gay bar, you post a status update to your Facebook page clarifying that you’re a “straight bar” and social media slams you for it?
Should Democrats dump Dixie? DEC 17 Blogger Bob Mann gives his two cents on the question being discussed among tight-pants-bushy-beard-hat-on-in-the-house northern liberals who were disgusted by Mary's defeat. In a round-about way, he's seeking to remind them that the pendulum always swings back. Must-read story about Janzen Jackson DEC 17 This post on Vice Sports is an in-depth look at the life of Janzen Jack

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