Transport Day at Acadiana Animal Aid

On any given day, the staff at Acadiana Animal Aid (formerly Lafayette Animal Aid), care for more than 100 dogs and cats at its shelter in Carencro. But perhaps their most overlooked initiative is their transportation program where pets are transported out of the state in order to be adopted by welcoming homes or taken to other no-kill rescue shelters to help lighten the load of the shelter, which is almost always at capacity.

The staff utilize a vehicle that can carry anywhere from 50-60 animals at a time, which is complemented by Loving Friends Transport, a group founded in 2009 by Jim and Laura Fletcher-Taylor who travel around the country transporting animals from natural and manmade disasters in addition to aiding shelters in transferring animals from high kill shelters to shelters with high adoption percentages. Loving Friends Transport employs a vehicle that can carry more than 150 animals including not only dogs and cats but also exotic animals like tigers and large cats. In 2011 alone, the group transported 935 dogs and cats along with six Bengal Tigers to various shelters and sanctuaries.

The shelter’s transportation program has saved more than 1,200 animal lives in 2015 so far and is clearly both its most successful and financially taxing initiative, which is why most of the organization’s fundraising efforts are funneled into sustaining its bi-weekly transports.

To make a donation to Acadiana Animal Aid, visit, which includes its Guardian Angel program where patrons can sign up to have automatic donations made each month in various amounts.


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