Steen-Kubica Wedding

In Celebration Of The Wedding Of

Livia Margaret Steen

Daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. James Foreman

and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Steen


Brett Eric Kubica

Son Of Col. and Mrs. Scott Kubica

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church


May 23, 2015/6:30 p.m.

Photography By: Carlton Mickle

Brett Kubica and Livia Steen met at a friend’s beach house five years ago. She was struck by his calm demeanor, and he found her easy to talk to. They kept in touch after the trip and remained good friends until their first date in September 2011. Two years later, Brett planned a surprise trip to Dahlonega, Georgia. Livia expected him to propose, but Brett kept her waiting until the next day when they hiked to a hidden waterfall. He got down on one knee and asked Livia to marry him. “I was so excited, happy and overjoyed, I forgot to say ‘yes,’” she recalls.

 Caption: Steen Kubica Wedding / Credits: Photography By: Carlton Mickle


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