Hammontree-Lavergne Wedding

In Celebration Of The Wedding Of

Missy Bertrand Hammontree

Daughter Of The Late Harold Bertrand and Gail Bertrand


Dr. Blaine Lavergne

Son Of Darryl and Minnie Lavergne

Henderson Park Inn

Destin, Florida

November 8, 2014/Sunset

Opelousas native Missy Hammontree Lavergne describes her wedding story as nothing short of a dream. She met Dr. Blaine Lavergne, ER director at St. Martin Hospital, through work and one day he asked her where the most beautiful spot in the world for her would be. Later that month, she thought he was taking her to the beach, but instead they boarded a plane to Calgary, Canada. Missy had described the water in Banff as the color of a “Tiffany blue box,” and Blaine chose a spot on Lake Louise to propose.


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