Morein-Rung Wedding

In Celebration Of The Wedding Of

Ramsey Morein

Daughter Of Randy Morein and Virginia Launey Morein


Seth Rung

Son Of Darren Rung and Valerie Gaspard Rung

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist


January 23, 2015/7 p.m.

Photography By: Cory Fontenot/Sharper Photography

Ramsey Morein worked with one of Seth Rung’s friends who played her an original song by her future husband one day. She fell in love with his music and eventually met Seth at Cafe Habana City for dinner. The two became inseparable and officially started dating in November of 2009. He tried to pop the question as he and Ramsey sat in double rocking chairs on his parent’s porch overlooking Lake Sibley in Natchitoches, but he was acting so strange that Ramsey finally asked him if he had a ring in his pocket. He pulled out a little box, and she started crying tears of joy.


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