Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later

In 2005 local ad exec Larry Sides was assisting Louisiana DHH with a disaster drill to train for a potential mass health emergency. When Hurricane Katrina struck, the head of DHH asked the head of Louisiana State Police if it could make a helicopter available so that Sides could fly over New Orleans and capture some images.

“We removed the door of the helicopter to make shooting from any angle easier and flew in the Louisiana State Police helicopter from their headquarters in Baton Rouge,” Sides tells The Independent.

To be allowed into the area for ground shots Sides needed DHH credentials and state police permission to get through roadblocks. As none of the standard descriptions of health care workers applied, he was designated “Hurricane Katrina Historian," and his Jeep was provided a state police pass that called it an ambulance.

The shots on the ground focused on Lakeview subdivision and Louisa Street from the lakefront to downtown New Orleans.

These are his images from the catastrophic event.


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