Colbert bids farewell to The Nation; eight children killed in Australia; poll finds most Americans think drones’ privacy and safety risks are too high; and more national and international news for Friday, December 19, 2014.
YO QUIERO A NEW POLITICAL CAUCUS!DEC 19 The Picayune reports here that Rep. Ted James, the Baton Rouge legislator who was the target of Elbert Guillory's ire recently, has started his own caucus: the Chihuahua caucus. Oh yeah! Where do we sign up?BOBBY'S PLATFORM, NO SURPRISES HEREDEC 19 This p
State Rep. Lenar Whitney's unintentionally funny campaign video, “Global Warming is a Hoax,” is the top vote-getter in’s 2014 reader poll for top lie of the year.
North Dakota declined by seven, Oklahoma by six, Texas down four, Louisiana off three, and Ohio and West Virginia each decreased two.
Louisiana's unemployment rate rose for the seventh straight month in November, and what had been strong growth in employer payrolls waned.
High-yield bonds are on track for their worst drop in a year and a half after investors dumped risky securities issued by energy companies.
She says maybe it’s the predictability of knowing the next bend in the road. But, whatever the case it’s bettering a tough situation. Seth is not alone. Reports of children on the autism spectrum responding to communication with Siri and other technology-based audio communication have been cropping up in the media.
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