• NORAD volunteers to track Santa’s progress; suicide bomber kills 22 near Baghdad; another police shooting in Missouri and more national and international news for Wednesday, December 24, 2014.
  • At Saturday’s police reform march along Ambassador Caffery, protestors were greeted to everything from honking horns to middle fingers, with some participants even becoming target practice for a crazed motorist armed with a handful of firecrackers.
  • [This commentary from Loyola University professor C.W. Cannon first appeared online here at TheLensNola.org.] “I am inside someone who hates me.” This is how Amiri Baraka opens his great 1964 poem, “An Agony. As Now.” After the inevitable big defeat of Democrat Mary Landrieu in the Dec. 6 U.S. Senate run-off, this is how I feel as a New Orleanian. The Red Sea surrounding our Blue Island gets ever wider and deeper as the South r
  • In case you missed our 2012 video Christmas card ...
  • It was Sunday, May 25, when J. Clay LeJeune and his wife Mitzi Mayeaux were about to sit down for a meal with their teenage daughter, but that meal would never be eaten thanks to a surprise visit by the Crowley PD.
  • Critics have vowed to protest the rally because they say the American Family Association promotes an anti-gay agenda.
  • Louisiana's unemployment rate rose for the seventh straight month in November, and what had been strong growth in employer payrolls waned.
  • From the frustration over the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and subsequent grand jury decisions clearing the involved officers, there’s a growing voice rising up throughout this country in protest of America’s police forces, and it’s starting to be heard here in Acadiana too.
  • State Rep. Lenar Whitney's unintentionally funny campaign video, “Global Warming is a Hoax,” is the top vote-getter in PolitiFact.com’s 2014 reader poll for top lie of the year.
FORMER JINDAL STAFFER TAKES A SHOT AT PRAYERAPOLOOZADEC 23 Blogger Tom Aswell has a statement here from a former Bobby Jindal staffer about the planned prayer rally. It's blunt, and full of fascinating details - such as the revelation that Baton Rouge Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister is the one who pushed LSU into hosting the event. Nice!
"During an 18-month PSC investigation our staff found that inmate families pay an average of 30 times more per minute to speak to their loved ones behind bars than we do on the outside..."
As the year winds down, three important positions in the House are vacant, including a chairmanship and seats on the budget-writing and education committees.
There’s a change in ownership at Bollinger Shipyards, a major builder of military and commercial vessels in the Gulf Coast with its 10 shipyards.
A $33 million modernization project at Honeywell’s chemical and refrigerant gases manufacturing facility in Baton Rouge has been completed.
Former president of Chevron North America E&P is first non-Mosing to serve as president and CEO.
She says maybe it’s the predictability of knowing the next bend in the road. But, whatever the case it’s bettering a tough situation. Seth is not alone. Reports of children on the autism spectrum responding to communication with Siri and other technology-based audio communication have been cropping up in the media.
We know you would never wait until Christmas Eve eve to shop. But, if you do there are three easy buys for everyone on your list. Read on and do not despair.For the gal at the top of your list a