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WHAT A TANGLED WEB HE WEAVESFor the entire three months that comprised the 2010 legislative session, House Speaker JIM TUCKER held weekly news "briefings" on policy issues he chose to discuss. Senate President JOEL CHIASSON held none. Tucker craved and ......]]>
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Jindal a non-factor in legislative process thus farGov. BOBBY JINDAL's appointment of Breaux Bridge native SCOTT ANGELLE as interim lieutenant governor clearly settled who the No. 2 person in state government is for the short term. The lingering question ......]]>
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NEW ORLEANS MAYOR'S RACE HAS RIPPLE EFFECT IN ACADIANA Last week's surprise announcement by LT. GOV. MITCH LANDRIEU that he would seek the office of New Orleans mayor (a post his father held) was a political shocker to many (though certainly not all ......]]>
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LANDRIEU’S EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT TO JINDAL With all the suspense of a Hollywood ending, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu announced Saturday afternoon that she would be the deciding 60th vote to allow the Senate version of the health care reform bill to come ......]]>
<![CDATA[The Emperor Has No Coattails]]> The Emperor Has No Coattails
Bobby Jindal has a streak going that outpaces any previous governor that served before him: the inability to have a “coattails” effect on a single election where he has endorsed and publicly supported a candidate. First, there was Lee Domingue ......]]>
<![CDATA[Round One to Vitter]]> Round One to Vitter
Vitter has Melancon against the ropes, but is Charlie Boy taking his cue from Muhammad Ali? The No. 1 rule in politics is to define your opponent with voters before the opponent has a chance to do so. Although the election is still some 13 months away ......]]>
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The Melancon/Vitter main event is now set — or is it? The long expected entry of U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon into the U.S. Senate race as a challenger to David Vitter finally occurred last week — almost one month after Vitter started attacking him ......]]>
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DOLLAR BILL NEEDED MORE SENSE The conviction this past week of former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson (affectionately nicknamed “Dollar Bill” by his arch rival, former New Orleans Mayor Dutch Morial) closes another painful chapter of corruption ......]]>
For the past two years, many have commented on the cohesiveness of the Lafayette legislative delegation; as being one of the most unified in history. After all, Sen. Mike Michot had single handedly urged and supported Rep. Joel Robideaux in the state ......]]>
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FOOTE IN THE DOOR Sources close to the process confirm that Alexandria attorney Beth Foote has risen to the top of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu’s short list as the replacement for the retiring federal Judge Tucker Melancon. Rumors were rampant in Lafayette ......]]>