Top 50: Slippery Slope

Fluctuations in the oil patch underscore interdependency within Acadiana’s broader energy industry.


Sherie Burton was promoted to director of corporate communications at C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates.

BBR turns 20

Warehouse 535 was the place to be June 23 to celebrate 20 amazing years in business for BBR.


How a visit from a federal regulator and boardroom intrigue ended Rusty Cloutier’s 33-year tenure at MidSouth Bank

Just One Word: Diversification

Oil and gas’ dominance of the Top 50 is dwindling, and that should send a clear message to everyone about the critical importance of a diverse economy.

Top 50: To the Rescue

White Knight Production fills a niche: finding oil and gas at well sites after Big Oil has moved on.

Mozilla Fund on to Next Step

Through the Gigabit Community Fund, company will award grants of up to $30,000 to worthy projects through the end of 2018.

MAIS OUI: Turning a Page

As we close this chapter on Lafayette-focused publishing, we look to a new generation of emerging leaders to help chart a future we can all embrace.

Top 50 luncheon to benefit Moncus Park

The Top 50 luncheon, joined by a half-million-dollar match from the Schumachers and yet another generous gift from the Moncus family, aims to help finish what IND Media started 12 years ago.

Pro-choice group sues La. over abortion rules

After court victories against abortion laws in Texas and Louisiana, a reproductive rights group filed a federal challenge on Tuesday of a Louisiana licensing law it blames for more than a thousand burdensome anti-abortion regulations.

JBE vetoes campus ‘free speech’ bill

A proposal aimed at protecting controversial speakers’ appearances at Louisiana colleges and calling on campuses to penalize students who disrupt them has been vetoed by Gov. John Bel Edwards, who described the bill as a “solution in search of a problem.”

Will JBE challenge House over fiscal cliff?

Gov. John Bel Edwards has been telling reporters lately that he may just skip another special session, thus allowing drastic budget reductions to take hold, if the House doesn’t start to coalesce around a revenue plan.

In defense of public broadcasting

The $1.35 cents that each American pays in taxes per year to support the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is negligible when compared with the alternative: the arid and insipid wasteland of commercial programming.

Cindy comes ashore in southwest Louisiana

National Weather Service forecasters estimated the storm had dumped anywhere from 2 to 10 inches of rain on various spots along the Gulf Coast — and more rain is on the way.

Cindy’s worst yet to come

The storm remains offshore, and much of Southwest Louisiana including Lafayette is still likely to see heavy rainfall and other effects, including tornadoes, from the storm as it moves up the Louisiana-Texas border then curves to the northeast.

LCG opens emergency sandbag site at Blackham

With Tropical Storm Cindy official — and unpredictable — and much of South Louisiana still skittish after last August’s devastating floods, Lafayette Consolidated Government says it is making sandbags available to residents on an temporary, emergency basis

TCB: The Coroy Team

The Coroy Team is a full time group of professional realtors who understand the importance of good communication, trust and keeping their clients informed every step of the way—buying or selling a home is a major financial investment requiring finesse and strategy.

TCB: Courtesy Buick GMC

Courtesy Buick GMC has been your number one dealership in sales and customer service for most of it’s 27 years in existence.

TCB: Ilyas Munshi, M.D.

Ilyas Munshi, M.D. NAME OF BUSINESS: Ilyas Munshi, M.D.YEAR FOUNDED: 2001WHAT WE DO: Address neurological surgery problems, such as brain tumors and aneurysms. We also help patients with spinal p


New hires, promotions and other news from Acadiana's business community

Ready. Set. Grow!

Lafayette set to launch its energy and health care accelerator this fall.

Second Chances

After selling C&C Tech, Thomas Chance has turned his attention to a new venture — autonomous sea vessels.

ABiz Scene: Acadiana Food Hub

Acadiana’s fresh food movement gained three new platforms with the June 7 grand opening of the Acadiana Food Hub.

Former House speaker defends sitting speaker

Former House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, now a government affairs advisor at Adams & Reese in Baton Rouge, said last week that he thought his successor in the Legislature’s lower chamber is “doing a good job.”

ABiz Scene: Bayou Teche Brewing

To celebrate its expansion in mid-June, Bayou Teche Brewing in Arnaudville cut a link of boudin in half in place of a ribbon. Beer and boudin. Yum.

TCB: Van Alan Homes

“We have created a brand that is a combination of classic old world craftsmanship, modern technology and traditional Acadiana symbolism,” says Van Alan Plaisance. No matter how large or small the project, Plaisance says they won’t sacrifice quality. “Our goal is to use only highly skilled and dependable craftsmen,” he explains.

TCB: The All Star Team

Our goal is to get you the best deal possible on buying or selling a home or property. Choose The All Star Team! We are REALTORS who have the tools, skills and experience to make your dreams come true. We make the buying and selling process simple..

TCB: Vermilionville

Step back in time and experience life from the perspective of the Acadian, Native American and Creole people when you visit Vermilionville.

Lawmakers pass state budget in special session

A $28 billion-plus Louisiana operating budget won final legislative passage Friday, a week later than expected, after a stalemate in the spending negotiations forced lawmakers into a special session.

JBE to sign criminal justice overhaul into law

In a legislative session mired by budget feuds, tax disagreements and a divisive debate over Confederate monuments, Gov. John Bel Edwards had one major achievement: He convinced legislators to overhaul Louisiana’s criminal sentencing laws and its approach to prisoner rehabilitation.

State budget inches toward finish line

It would appropriate all forecasted revenue for fiscal year 2018, but instruct state agencies to refrain from spending a combined $60 million as a precaution against midyear shortfalls.


Acadiana’s Father’s Day Weekend Nightlife Guide

House GOP makes budget offer in special session

House Republican leaders made their initial offer Tuesday for a $28 billion-plus Louisiana operating budget, calling it a good-faith effort to broker a compromise in the limited days of the special session.

Amid complaints, LUS suspends tree trimming

Residents of some of Lafayette’s older, more arboreal neighborhoods took to social media to gripe about the Asplundh hatchet job on their beloved live oaks and the city took note.

Q&A: Dr. Rick Swanson

The UL Lafayette poli-sci professor has been presenting a compelling history of black civil rights in Lafayette Parish from the late 18th century to late 20th century. His findings are unsettling.

Lessening plans

Superintendent Donald Aguillard, school board adjust to diminishing resources even as foes of public education continue to spread misinformation.

Budget deal remains elusive in session’s final hours

A budget compromise offered on Thursday morning by Speaker Taylor Barras to Senate leaders offers hope for a budget agreement but it remains to be seen as to whether Barras can deliver the votes in his chamber to get the deal done.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Pierre’s amended ‘ban the box’ bill headed to JBE

The House approved, 90-1, Senate amendments to House Bill 688 by Rep. Vincent Pierre, D-Lafayette, preventing Louisiana’s public colleges and universities, with a couple of exceptions, from inquiring about a prospective student’s criminal history during the application process.

Mailbag, June 7, 2017

Readers weigh in on Confederate monuments, LSMSA name change, Clay Higgins and breaking up the 15th Judicial District.

Campus ‘free speech’ bill goes to JBE

House Bill 269, authored by Lance Harris, R-Alexandria, requires state institutes of higher education to state their support for the First Amendment and create a system of disciplinary sanctions for students who interfere with freedom of speech.

Budget deal could resolve Gov.-AG dispute

Lawmakers say they have a struck a deal they expect to end a budget feud between Gov. John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry, and the lawsuit the AG filed over an escrow account containing millions.

Letters: LSMSA name change wrong

The constituents it affects — namely, the students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni of LSMSA — have made it clear we don’t want this bill.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

A question of honor

How best to honor the late Jimmy Long has turned into a family feud that played out in House Education on Wednesday

Guidry’s Reef calls it quits

Guidry’s Reef, a seafood/steakhouse restaurant on Pinhook Road, quietly shut down over the long Memorial Day weekend.

La. senators hear grim predictions of budget impact

Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration has presented to senators a grim picture of the fallout from the House-proposed version of next year's budget, with the governor threatening a veto if anything resembling the spending plan reaches his desk.

Study: Louisiana hosted largest tax increase in U.S.

The report estimates the overall increase in Louisiana at $1.5 billion, driven by changes in the state sales tax structure that were approved by the Legislature and governor during last year’s regular session.

For special session, timing is everything

The only way it happens is if lawmakers fail to produce a budget in the regular session that adjourns on June 8. The House and Senate are currently negotiating the budget bill, for which the bodies have drastically different visions.

Bills that alter driver license acquisition advance

The Senate Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works moved three bills changing aspects of how one obtains a driver’s license in Louisiana, including how to deal with traffic cops, online courses and an additional fee.


Acadiana’s Memorial Day Weekend Nightlife Guide

Monumental showdown a letdown

Rep. Thomas Carmody asked the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee to pull HB71 from its Wednesday agenda. The author of SB198 did the same, putting off the expected confrontations on the bills until next week.

La. GOP calls for defeat of gas tax hike

Louisiana's Republican Party leaders are urging state lawmakers to reject a gas tax hike ahead of Wednesday's scheduled vote on the measure and have chastised GOP legislators who voted for the proposal.

Repeal of tax credits for private school families falters

Private school families may be breathing a sigh of relief after legislation to repeal income tax credits and deductions for families with children attending nonpublic schools hit a roadblock in the House Ways and Means Committee.

Mills’ drug-pricing bill advances

The bill would require the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy to create a website that contains transparent pricing information for prescription drugs.

Police training bill passes House

The bill's author hopes it will prevent unwanted interactions between police officers and arrestees, such as what occurred in Baton Rouge last July.

Campus ‘free speech’ bill falters

House Bill 269 would have required state institutions of higher learning to state their support for the First Amendment and create a system of disciplinary sanctions for students who interfere with invited speakers.

School assessment measure clears House

House Bill 517 by Rep. Gary Carter, D-New Orleans, requires the state superintendent of education to annually submit a written report to the House and Senate education committees on every public and charter school for the next five years.

Brian Pope, the $200K marshal

Yes, dear readers, your city marshal is making more than $220,000, the bulk of which he appears to be collecting illegally.

Brew U. prevails at Capitol

Shreveport Rep. Cedric Glover voluntarily withdrew his bill Thursday that would have prevented state colleges or universities from affixing their names or logos to an alcoholic beverage after having some fun in front of the House Education Committee.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Bills upping minimum wage, protecting LGBTQ advance

Channeling the spirit of workplace reform, a Senate committee on Wednesday favorably moved two bills — one to ultimately increase the state’s minimum wage to $8.50 an hour, the other to enact a non-discrimination policy for Louisiana employees who identify as LGBTQ.

Angelle to Trumpland?

Speculation that the Public Service Commission member, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2015 and the U.S. House last year, will take a job in Trump administration has South Louisiana politicos bandying around potential candidates.

ABiz Scene: inaugural ICON Arts and Cultural Awards

Event pulls off a two-for: honoring a dozen artists and a philanthropic foundation for their contributions to Acadiana culture while raising money to create and sustain an endowed fund at the Community Foundation of Acadiana — the ABC Fund, short for Arts, Business and Culture — to support the creative economy.


Lafayette-based advertising agency BBR won eight American Advertising Awards, including six Gold awards and two Silver awards, presented by Lafayette’s American Advertising Federation chapter, AAF Acadiana. Additionally, three individual achievements were awarded to BBR employees:


The massive vessel-assembly buildings and buzz of activity at Metal Shark’s Franklin shipyard are a sight to behold. But the way the company has diversified into military and major commercial contracts is the real story of its success.

Beyond Oil and Gas

The downturn has taken a toll on commercial activity in the Lafayette area, but oil’s low price reality is sinking in just as opportunities for diversification abound.

A Parish Divided

The April 29 tax votes demonstrated a disconnect between the city of Lafayette and the rest of the parish.

Coastal plan approved

The latest master plan, which is updated every five years, includes 124 projects that proponents say will build 802 square miles of land and reduce flood-related damage by $150 billion over 50 years.

Activists stage ‘die-in’ outside Higgins’ office

And after a Chase Tower rep attempted to bar them, members of Indivisible Acadiana were able to go to the congressman’s eighth-floor office and fill out constituent cards. Higgins was not in town at the time. (With videos)

BESE targets ‘severely impacted’ school districts

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education unanimously moved Thursday to incorporate $18 million of legislative suggestions into its funding formula for Louisiana’s public schools next year, but not at the expense of other programs.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Charter transparency bill nixed in House

The House Education Committee Wednesday rejected 9-3 a proposal that would allow parents of children in public charter school to know what educational experiments in their schools are working and which aren’t.

Technicality sinks ’sanctuary city’ bill

The Louisiana House of Representatives Tuesday narrowly killed a controversial bill that would have imposed penalties on so-called sanctuary cities, primarily New Orleans.

Grand Point Center opens in Henderson

The town of Henderson has seen a recent string of new developments popping up along its stretch of the Grand Point Highway, most notably the Grand Point Center that opened in January.

Georges now a Republican

New Orleans businessman John Georges is now — again — a Republican. That has state GOP leaders talking and speculating.

Speed cam prohibition fails in committee

A retired police chief representing the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police said the cameras do in fact slow traffic and lessen speed-related accidents by 80 percent.

HB444: Economic development tool or tax giveaway?

A proposed constitutional amendment by Rep. Alan Seabaugh would allow local governments to negotiate deals with private entities that would provide early access to revenue but reduce local government income once exemptions expire. Seabaugh calls it a tool


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Needle exchange bill clears House

Currently, state law prohibits any transaction involving drug paraphernalia, but gives an exception to products made for scientific research, medical or clinical use.

Ride for Rox rescheduled

Due to the inclement weather that fell on Festival Sunday, TRAIL has decided to reschedule the annual Ride for Rox for Saturday, May 20.

You go, Daniel Phillips!

KATC meteorologist righteously pontificates on the morons who drive through floodwater, and it goes viral.

Cops: Deceased in Jefferson St. shooting fired first

The New Iberia man killed overnight Saturday during a shootout on Jefferson Street pulled a gun and shot two others before one of the men returned fire and killed him, according to the latest account from Lafayette Police.

Gas tax hike still on session agenda

Some Republicans, with an eye to 2019, don’t want to give Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards the benefit of having orange barrels all over the state’s highways when he runs for re-election.

Reps mull parole for lifers

HB205 would also allow lifers who have been denied pardon to reapply after three years, instead of five.

Corporate tax overhaul pushed to next week

Rep. Kenny Havard, R-St. Francisville, said his HB 648 was incomplete as drafted and that the amendments he needed to get the legislation into the right posture were still being put together.

Number crunch: Urban versus rural reflected in tax votes

Had the millage renewals for the courthouse and correctional operations been voted on only in the city of Lafayette they would have passed handily, and the school system sales tax proposition would have been a lot closer than the blowout reflected in the parishwide vote.

Solons consider spreading pain of budget cuts

The bill before the Senate Finance Committee removing the statutory mandate that state funds go to itemized state and local programs was held to allow the author additional time to build her case.

Booze revamp would let cops shut down bars on the spot

Intro ordinance gives Lafayette police — and sheriff’s deputies in unincorporated Lafayette Parish — the authority to immediately shutter a bar if it presents “an immediate danger to the health, safety and welfare of the public.”

Senate committee agrees to jettison some state museums

The Senate Education Committee on Thursday favorably reported to the full Senate a bill that would transfer five state museums — from New Orleans to Shreveport — to local jurisdictions, including one that never existed.

House OKs sunscreen for students

The Louisiana House overwhelmingly has agreed that public school students should be able to carry sunblock without a doctor's permission or their school's blessing.

Ethics exemption for top cop’s son wins House OK

Under the proposal, Louisiana's anti-nepotism laws would be rewritten to let the son of Col. Kevin Reeves continue working as a state trooper even though he hadn't been with the agency for a full year as required by ethics law.

Judge strikes down La. abortion law

A federal judge has struck down a Louisiana law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have permission to admit patients to a nearby hospital, citing a U.S. Supreme Court decision against a similar Texas law.


Acadiana’s Festival Weekend Nightlife Guide

Senate passes measure on juvie lifers

The bill makes juveniles convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole eligible for parole consideration 25 years after conviction.

Cloutiers terminated in MidSouth shakeup

MidSouth Bank founder-President Rusty Cloutier and his son, Troy, who was promoted to CEO of the bank last November as part of a succession plan, have been fired in an abrupt move that has been the talk of the Lafayette banking community.


IND L!VE offers highlights of the many live music events taking place in and around Downtown Lafayette this Festival weekend.

Raft of bills floated to aid TOPS

Everything from post-graduate residency requirements to increased GPA requirements to eliminating its dedicated funding have been offered.

JBE’s business tax shelved amid opposition

Facing certain defeat, Gov. John Bel Edwards gave up Tuesday on his effort to levy a new tax on business sales to help stabilize Louisiana's budget, a move that throws his budget-balancing tax plan into disarray.

One Acadiana announces Acadiana Day

On Monday, May 15, One Acadiana will guide a caravan of leaders from the nine-parish region into the Louisiana State Capitol to show their pride for Acadiana in what they have dubbed “Acadiana Day.”

Becton joins UL as business dean

Hire comes on the heels of $2.5 million gift from Lafayette businessman Mike Maraist, a 1971 graduate, to establish the Maraist Financial Services Lab.

Bill would merge school retirement systems

Senate Retirement Committee Monday favorably sent to the full Senate a bill that would incorporate the Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System into the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana.

House Republicans seeking no-growth budget

House Republican leaders may propose a budget for the coming year. that would hold funding at current levels, according to reports. What that budget would look like and what cuts it would entail should begin to emerge today.

Delay, delay till after Election Day

Third Circuit Court of Appeal Candidate Candyce Perret now knows The IND will get to see at least portions of the lawsuits her ex-fiancé filed against her, but she is holding onto hope we won't be able to publish what's in them till after the April 29 runoff.

Is this now Susan Theall’s race to lose?

As Candyce Perret's credibility issues mount and fundraising dries up, the once inconceivable seems plausible — that she could outspend Susan Theall 7-1 and still lose the runoff for 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal.

FIL increases accessibility for people with disabilities

Festival International de Louisiane is working to make its 2017 offering a great experience for everyone, including patrons with disabilities, which is why organizers have released information to help make the experience easy.

Brew-haha erupts over university-branded beers

A contentious proposal in the Louisiana House of Representatives by a Shreveport lawmaker would prohibit a state institution of higher learning from allowing its name or symbol to be affixed to an alcoholic beverage.

Basinkeeper: CRPA plans benefit a few millionaires

From 1932 to 2000, nearly 2.5 billion cubic centimeters of sediment have piled up in the Atchafalaya River Basin, as shown here at the base of a cypress tree.Photo by Dean Wilson Mere hours befor

La. coastal loss declared state emergency

A proclamation will be sent to President Donald Trump and members of Congress, trying to raise the profile of the state's erosion troubles as it seeks federal assistance to speed up restoration projects.

Caretaker accused of exploiting La. federal judge

Louisiana authorities are investigating allegations that a personal assistant financially exploited U.S. District Court Judge Patricia Minaldi, whose alcoholism is so severe that a colleague asked a court to rule she cannot take care of herself.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Computer science as … science?

A resolution asking the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to allow computer science courses to count as science credits has moved on to full House debate.

LPSB answers the misinformation

When you step inside the voting booth April 29, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on a contract between taxpayers and our school system.

Proposed gas tax hike set at 17 cents

By increasing the gas tax by 17 cents, the additional cost to the average Louisiana driver would be approximately $113 per year — less than $10 a month.

Public pushes for programs at cash-strapped Capitol

The House Committee on Appropriations Tuesday was filled with stories of hardship and passion as advocates for disability services and health care programs dominated the first day of open testimony on Gov. John Bel Edwards’ executive budget.

Battle of the PACs begins at Capitol

An “armed and ready,” Louisiana-based super PAC called Truth In Politics started taking aim at Gov. John Bel Edwards last week not long after lawmakers convened their spring regular session.

Coussan’s LITE bill advances

It would dissolve Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise’s governing commission and hand ownership and operating responsibilities to UL Lafayette.

Local firm earns windfall off BP spill

Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards of Lafayette is one of two Louisiana firms that will get roughly $88 million each — if a federal judge approves the recommendation.

Session off to slow start; here’s your preview

Legislators return to Baton Rouge for the first full week of the 2017 regular session after the Easter break, but don’t expect them to plunge into the heavy lifting of budget writing just yet.

Integrating Clicks & Mortar

As technology and competition reshape the retail landscape, two Lafayette mainstays blend in-store and online experiences to stay afloat.


Regions Bank names Amy Canik senior vice president of commercial banking.


The following charts show 2016 market share percentages for banks operating in the Lafayette and Lake Charles metro areas, as well as return on assets and return on equity for those financial institutions.

The Business of Branding

It may seem like a lot of intangible feel-good nonsense, but your brand represents people’s perception of everything about your company.

Following the Third Circuit Money

In the final weeks of the primary, big dollar donors — including plaintiff firms based outside the district — stepped up for the Perret campaign.


Garrett, a local attorney, was appointed to the commission in October 2007 and served as chairwoman of the Airport Commission Legal Committee overseeing the DBE application process that affords minority owned businesses opportunities to become DBE-certified to participate in the airport’s projects on both the state and local level.

More Important Than Ever

In the midst of an ongoing economic downturn, this year’s LEDA Job Fair will be critical in connecting employers with their most valuable resource — employees.

Wells goes far in defending Louisiana

The journalist/author and native son writes that metrics don’t define states — in the very news magazine that labeled Louisiana “worst in the nation.”

Best Bet: Ceux Qui Marchent Debout

This French funk ensemble plays amplified brass band instruments with brass band attitude, and you have three chances to hear them.

Museum director resigns, wags finger at Nungesser

The interim director of the Louisiana State Museum resigned this week, issuing a letter accusing the lieutenant governor and his staff of interfering with museum management and attempting to "commandeer" museum-owned apartments for personal use.

Minaldi ordered to rehab for alcoholism

The federal judge, whose unusual behavior preceded her mysterious removal from a string of cases, was ordered to get treatment for alcoholism so severe a colleague believes she cannot take care of herself, according to court records.

The Current launches tonight

Join the Hilliard Museum and Festival International de Louisiane tonight as they celebrate the festival season with Tattooed Walls, and join IND Media to celebrate the official launch of our latest publication, The Current.

La. colleges threatened with more cuts

Hammered by budget cuts over nearly a decade, Louisiana's public colleges are staring down the threat of another round of slashing in a state with one of the least-educated populations in the country.

AG Landry sues JBE over money transfer

Attorney General Jeff Landry's lawsuit against Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration is the latest in a string of feuds between the two men since they both took office last year.

The same old game plan

It’s time to face the truth we have long avoided: Louisiana cannot tax, spend and mandate its way to prosperity.

FNB promotes Lyons to COO

Commercial lender now also overseeing loan operations and compliance for four-city franchise.

JBE: La. needs tax reform, not ’soundbites’

The Democratic governor said Louisiana’s leaders need to remedy the cycles of unstable state finances in this two-month regular session without falling into partisan talking points.

Political pace in Baton Rouge to quicken

Every step closer that’s taken toward Monday’s convening of the Legislature’s regular session will bring with it more details about complicated policy proposals and a greater sense of political urgency.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

The Current is now

The premier issue of The Current is hot off the press, destined for more than 200 distribution locations throughout the Lafayette metro.

Project Front Yard hosts inaugural GR8 Acadiana Cleanup

Project Front Yard is holding its inaugural GR8 Acadiana Cleanup that will focus on projects that improve the built environment, enhance our social fabric, provide environmental education, encourage volunteerism and promote business engagement with events throughout the week.

Get on the FIL bus

The Service Chevrolet Cadillac shuttle buses will ferry attendees to and from satellite locations, making getting in and out of Downtown Lafayette for Festival International a breeze.

Chevron Scène des Jeunes

• Interactive Art • Interactive Physical Activities • Tournaments • The Nutty Scientists • Lemonade Day taste test competition (more details at Chevron Scène des Jeune

Cayla Zeek

2017 Official Festival International de Louisiane Visual Artist

Marché du Monde

Located on West Vermilion Street & South Buchanan at Vermilion

Marché des Arts

Located inside Parc Sans Souci, near JD Bank Pavillon de Cuisine & Jefferson St. across from Antlers

Volume Won

Yes, the headline is spelled Won. It is a play on words. After you read this retrospective of my life and career, you might get it. Or maybe not.

Fiscal accord still out of reach at La. Capitol

Gov. John Bel Edwards unveiled a tax overhaul package that targets big companies and seems certain to put him at odds with the business lobbying organizations he’s battled during prior tax debates.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Get your Festival Pass

Enhance your experience and enjoy with ease while doing your part to Fuel the Festival.

Never miss a beat

The entire Festival International experience is at your fingertips with the mobile app

ACLU sues Lafayette cop over cell-phone pic

The suit claims a Lafayette police officer violated resident Chelline Carter’s rights when he confiscated her cell phone and deleted a photograph she had taken of her son under arrest in the cruiser’s back seat.

JBE, superintendent clash over rules rewrite

At issue is a proposal required by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, which is reviving old feuds between Edwards and the state education superintendent he once hoped to force out of the job.

Suit: federal judge mentally incompetent

U.S. District Judge Patricia Mindaldi, who was yanked from the trial of Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal, has been away on an extended leave of absence since late January.

LOGA’s Briggs back in action

After a head injury sidelined him for a few months, Don Briggs returned to the helm of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association this month.

As Ackal walks, 7 former deputies go to prison

The Iberia Parish sheriff, accused of ordering deputies to beat inmates, was cleared on federal civil rights charges, yet seven of those deputies, some of whom testified against him, are headed to prison.

ICYMI: State of LPSS Luncheon

The newest addition to the Independent Lecture Series showcased progress within the Lafayette Parish School System as it made a pitch for voters to support the April 29 .5 cent sales tax proposal.

JBE’s tax plan surprises many

Where did that come from? That's the question plenty are asking about a centerpiece of Gov. John Bel Edwards' tax law rewrite, a proposal to replace existing corporate income and franchise taxes with a corporate tax on sales.

Candyce Perret’s very troubling candidacy

She’s been less than truthful, won’t face her opponents in public forums and has left more questions than answers in this short election. Let’s hope the public has until April 29 to get some answers.

Lawmaker vows to fix La. marriage law

Republican state Rep. Valarie Hodges of Denham Springs said she had always intended for the law to include a waiver process to allow foreign-born U.S. citizens to get marriage licenses.

Agenda for spring session taking shape

The Edwards Administration is getting behind a new taxable gross receipts approach in concert with an elimination of the corporate and franchise taxes.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Lege auditor sounds budget alarm

The head of a nonpartisan legislative office that digs into the spending of state and local government agencies is warning state lawmakers that he's teetering on the financial edge.

The next top trooper

Some lawmakers see an opportunity for change at State Police with no figurehead in place and a regular session scheduled to convene on April 10.

Has Theall lost the high ground?

Personal loans from a Lafayette businessman funded Susan Theall’s successful 2011 15th JDC campaign in apparent violation of state campaign finance laws.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Squeeze Play

The calendar is Vanessa Anseman’s toughest opponent in her bid to remain in the Third Circuit Court of Appeal race.


Eunice attorney and retired 27th Judicial District Court Judge Ellis Daigle.

LPSO to Privatize Recovery Center

Sheriff Mark Garber says the Acadiana Recovery Center has been hemorrhaging money; plans are underway to turn it over to a private operator.

INDesign Awards: In Perfect Form

Two projects representing the all-important and fast-growing tech sector in Lafayette — one for architecture the other for interior design — a renovated city hall in Jennings, and last, but certainly not least, a gateway sign at the intersection of Jefferson and Cypress streets that will welcome scores of people to Downtown Lafayette for decades to come: This year’s Gold INDesign winners are as diverse a group as we have ever presented since launching the awards in 2005.

It’s a New Era at IND Media

Announcing a new Downtown Lafayette address, the launch of a glossy magazine and timely iterations of our core brands.

From Sprint to Quagmire

Candyce Gagnard Perret’s probable path to the Third Circuit Court of Appeal has turned into a slog.

On the Record: Corey Henry, ‘Lapeitah’

New Orleans brass albums — while good — are often like a bucket of peanuts: They may come in different shapes and sizes, but they are all still roughly the same. Not so here.

Brees backs Waitr

An investment group led by the Super Bowl MVP-winning quarterback infuses $10 million into delivery app.

Apathy expected as early voting begins

Three judicial races, a trio of special elections for the Louisiana House of Representatives and a number of local-level contests on the ballot this month should produce an overall voter turnout that’s below 20 percent.

Johnny Nicholas rocks the garden

The Jungle Gardens at Avery Island is hosting a special Music Under the Oaks performance this Thursday featuring the Johnny Nicholas Trio with special guest David Greely.

JBE urges Congress to keep Medicaid expansion

Louisiana's Democratic governor says he has "serious concern" with the GOP health plan because it would end the higher federal financing rate for Medicaid expansion in 2020.

La. State Police travel to get auditor review

After a newspaper reported that state police shelled out thousands of dollars in overtime and expenses for several troopers who drove to a conference in California with a state SUV, diverting to a Las Vegas casino resort and the Grand Canyon on the way

Judge: Anseman ineligible for Third Circuit seat

The IND was first to report on questions of Vanessa Anseman's qualifications, and a district judge has found that she falls short of the 10 years of practice required by the state constitution to seek the seat.

A requiem for the Alexandria Daily Town Talk, 1883-2017

I cannot help but lament the ways in which the blind rush to consolidate media companies, more than any other factor, murdered the local newspaper, which is not only a critical community institution; the local newspaper, more than anything else, continues to be the most important check against public corruption.

DTA! spring opener cancelled, rescheduled

This evening's Downtown Alive! season premiere concert with Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars has been cancelled tonight due to rain and the threat of inclement weather.

D.A. Earl Taylor challenging Anseman’s candidacy

Taylor says he filed a lawsuit after a resident complained that Anseman, one of three Republican women vying for the Third Circuit Court of Appeal, did not meet the minimum qualifications to run.

La. GOP in Congress mostly mum on health plan

Louisiana's majority-Republican congressional delegation hasn't exactly embraced the GOP proposal to replace President Barack Obama's health care law, with most members instead offering a cautious, noncommittal response.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

AFP targeting session again

The Louisiana chapter of the Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity is preparing to be just as involved in the upcoming regular session of the state Legislature as it was in the 2016 sessions.

Help 232-HELP at Trivia Night

Join 232-HELP for its Trivia Night fundraiser on Thursday, March 9, at the Heymann Center with special guest emcee Sen. Fred Mills.

Aguillard, LPSS make pitch for April tax prop

The school superintendent characterized the .5 cent, 10-year tax dedicated to facility improvements as “something reasonable that has a chance of getting voters to accept.”

Gagnard Perret’s ex-fiancé issues letter of apology

Nearly 13 years later, New Orleans attorney John Houghtaling expresses regrets about not filing a lawsuit alleging false arrest, saying he was unaware of the statute of limitations. Make of the letter what you will.

Irish fête back for seconds

The Celtic Bayou Festival, now in its second year, is also about family, fun, music, dancing and food — just like any local festival — and it is set for Friday and Saturday (March 10-11) at Parc Putnam in Downtown Lafayette.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide


The circumstances surrounding Candyce Gagnard Perret’s 2004 arrest raise questions about her judgment and, potentially, her character and suitability for the appeals court.

Good read: 15 turkeys and a dead cat

NPR dives into a Twitter video that speculates on the behavior of more than a dozen wild turkeys circling a dead cat on a residential street.

Introducing The Current

Coming this April, IND Media is launching a new magazine, investigating the cultural changes that will carry Lafayette into the future.

Humble Abodes

If Lafayette is the next Austin, then Arnaudville is the next Marfa. The attention Houses will eventually produce a line of five different opportunity, according to Marks, for artisanal fixtures.

Collection Affection

The IND stopped by the Hilliard Museum to view works by Chinese-American painter Yun-Fei Ji and artists Sandra Eula Lee and Shawne Major.

Decamping to Digital

Yes, this is the final print issue of The Independent. And a renewed focus on what we do best.

The Multiplier Effect

The election of Donald Trump has rallied liberals like never before. Could the 2018 midterms be another pivot point? History says yes.


Standing up to Donald Trump and the right-wing agenda he enables has united and emboldened liberals, even here in deep-red Lafayette.

INDesign Awards: Of Time and Place

Back in 2005, after realizing that the Acadiana region lacked significant recognition of the talented work of local architects, home designers and interior designers and decorators, The Independent launched The INDesign Awards.

IberiaBank strikes $1 billion deal in Florida

IberiaBank has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Sabadell United Bank in a stock and cash transaction that strengthens the Lafayette-based financial institution's Florida franchise, making the Sunshine State its largest franchise in terms of deposits.

Center Stage

Couples are finding more and more creative ways to entertain their wedding guests.


Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year Symbolizes New Beginnings.



LGH hosts In Skilled Hands art auction

Join Lafayette General for its In Skilled Hands fundraising event to support its continuing mission to restore, maintain and improve health on Thursday at the AcA.

Acadiana Bridal Show Goes Beyond the Booth

Overwhelmed by decisions for your big day? No sweat! Beyond the Booth takes the guess work out of your bridal show experience by helping you to remember your favorite exhibitors at the show, save special offers and enter contests directly on your phone.

2017 Acadiana Bridal Show

Celebrating 20 years of helping Acadiana brides and grooms make their dream weddings a reality, The Independent’s Annual Bridal Show is happening Sunday, March 19.


Wedding planning is never simple but thanks to technology, the Internet makes things a bit easier these days.

Sentiment simmers at Cassidy town hall

Sen. Bill Cassidy ended his weeklong town hall tour across the state in Breaux Bridge where he addressed constituents about his Patient Freedom Act bill and the controversy surrounding the potential repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.

Vanessa Anseman: practice imperfect

After three years away from the legal profession, Vanessa Waguespack Anseman got her law license reinstated on Jan. 13, the same day she qualified for a seat on the Third Circuit Court of Appeal.

Eyes turn to approaching regular session

Once again a budget deficit, this time in the $400 million range, will take center stage in the coming session for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

JBE to meet Monday with Trump

Besides the get-together with Trump, Edwards will meet with FEMA's acting administrator, Robert Fenton, to discuss flood recovery and recent tornadoes that damaged Orleans and Livingston parishes.

Cynthia Beslin joins Rayne Building and Loan

Cynthia Beslin has joined Rayne Building and Loan as business development manager, a newly created position at the personal real estate and mortgage lending institution.She is responsible for locating

Higgins pledges support for I-49 South

Higgins joins the national GOP's resurgent interest in infrastructure spending, saying the Louisiana congressional delegation unanimously supports completing I-49 South.

Burger King’s parent company buying Popeyes

The parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons is buying Popeyes for $1.8 billion, with plans to accelerate the growth of the fried chicken chain.Such a move fits Restaurant Brands International’

Together LA: Corporate giveaways continue apace

In fact, in spite of an executive order by the governor last summer, the un-elected board in Baton Rouge that hands out corporate welfare in Louisiana gave away more last year than ever before.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room

The IND’s Pearson Cross will moderate a bi-partisan — stop laughing; there is such a thing! — discussion about the 2016 election tonight at Cité des Arts.

Bach Lunch returns March 10

The free concert series features a rich mix of mostly local acts paired with some of Lafayette’s most popular eateries.

Dividing lines drawn: House, Senate try to negotiate deal

The Louisiana state House and Senate have staked out their positions on closing Louisiana's $304 million deficit. Now, the two sides have three days remaining in the budget-rebalancing special legislative session to reach a deal.

National group targets JBE, replacing Villere and more

Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for America Rising Squared, says his organization “likes to keep tabs on all Democrats running for or in office and seeks to highlight their vulnerabilities.” But he adds that Edwards is near the top of its list in terms of governors around the country.

House debates deeper budget cuts than Gov. Edwards wants

The proposal from Rep. Rick Edmonds, R-Baton Rouge, would cut $128 million more than Gov. John Bel Edwards wants to help eliminate Louisiana's deficit, primarily because it doesn't use any money from the state's "rainy day" fund.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

House panel rejects gov’s deficit-closing plan

With the special session nearing its halfway mark, House Republicans are demonstrating they intend to take a sharply different approach to rebalancing this year's budget than Gov. John Bel Edwards wants.

Forecasting 25 more years of sprawl in Acadiana

Not quite time to panic, but if all goes according to the MPO's long range transportation plan, the Acadiana region could see worse fiscal trouble thanks to a swelling suburban road network.

ABiz Scene: B.I. Moody III honored

UL’s College of Business Administration’s namesake, B.I. Moody III, was honored in connection with the 15th anniversary of the renaming of the college.

Opportunities Abound

The Feb. 22 Industrial Trades Career Fair is the place to be for those looking for jobs or career advancement.

Living Large

It may not be a good market for super pricey pads in Lafayette Parish, but that did not stop these 10 from changing hands in 2016.

Sticker Shock

LUS’s commercial gigabit bandwidth pricing appears to reinforce a gap the service was meant to close.

The Silverbacks get real

The local improv comedy troupe, Silverbacks Improv Theatre, will perform an improvised reality show tonight at the Hive in Downtown Lafayette.

’Rainy day’ legislation advances in Senate

The Senate Finance Committee moved the proposal Tuesday to the full Senate for debate without action, meaning committee members didn't vote in support or opposition of the idea.

UNO poll finds Lege unpopular, many still blame Jindal

The poll found that by a two-to-one margin poll participants disapprove of the Legislature's performance, which overall received an approval rating of 24 percent, with 50 percent disapproving and 26 percent undecided.

JBE, lege leaders negotiate on ’rainy day’ fund

With opening day formalities behind them, lawmakers and Gov. John Bel Edwards sat down Tuesday in hopes of negotiating a deal to close Louisiana's $304 million deficit during a 10-day budget-rebalancing special session.

Former Vangy cop gets 18 months in cover-up

A former detective with the Ville Platte Police Department was sentenced to a year and a half in prison this week after pleading guilty to filing a false report to cover up a theft.

Local Venues

A few of our favorite local wedding spots

LPD: Hub City crime dropped in ’16

The Lafayette Police Department says there was a 5-percent drop in total crimes reported in the city in 2016, based on crime statistics released Monday morning.

Grim budget reality awaits returning lawmakers

Louisiana's lawmakers trudge back to work Monday for a special deficit-closing session that many of them didn't want to have, called to the Capitol by Gov. John Bel Edwards for distasteful decision-making on spending cuts.

Veterinarian charged with horse doping plot

The federal indictment accuses the veterinarian, Kyle James Hebert, of providing trainers with mislabeled syringes of dermorphin to inject in at least four horses that competed at Louisiana racetracks.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

No Easy Choice

This weekend, a Louisiana artist will most likely win another Grammy. But which one?

GOP: Edwards’ plan has too few long-term cuts

Edwards' plan, released a day earlier, recommends cutting about $60 million in state agencies and using more than $240 million in reserves and other financing to close the $304 million deficit for the budget year that ends June 30.

French immersion in Arnaudville one step closer

Supporters of an ambitious plan to convert an abandoned hospital in Arnaudville into a French Immersion campus are celebrating today — and have inched closer to making their plan a reality.

JBE goes (back) to Washington

The governor is once again in the nation's capital to rally Congress and the Trump administration for an additional $2 billion in financial relief from the March and August 2016 floods.

Good read: NYT Mag on Victor White III, awful Sheriff Ackal

New York Times Magazine contributor Nathaniel Rich's exquisitely reported and deeply sourced story about the suspicious 2014 death of Victor White III in the back of an Iberia Parish Sheriff's vehicle is long-form journalism at its best.

Good read: La.’s forgotten black cemeteries

In vine-chocked stands of trees and the weedy margins of cane fields in West Baton Rouge Parish, genealogist Debbie Martin plies her avocation: finding the forgotten black cemeteries lost to neglect and time.


Mardi Gras isn’t just for adults. Kids can get in on the fun, too. Here are the local activities happening this Mardi Gras season.

Thompson named development officer at LGF

Chrissy Guilbeaux Thompson brings 16 years of experience in marketing, public relations, management and business protocol in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to the role.

Two plead in wire fraud conspiracy case

Randy LeBlanc and Jahorae Johnson, both of New Iberia, are facing 20 years in prison each for their role in ripping off their employer, Acme Trucking Lines.

Treasurer race coming into focus

Other possible candidates include Sen. Eric LaFleur, D-Ville Platte; Speaker Pro Temp Walt Leger, D-New Orleans; retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness of Mandeville; and Acadiana health care executive Gus Rantz of Lafayette.

Good read: Times-Pic’s poboy history probe

The popular story tells of a pair of brothers who fed striking streetcar workers they referred to as "poor boys" in the late 1920s. Popular doesn't necessarily mean historically accurate.

Suit filed over La.’s indigent defense program

A class action lawsuit was filed Monday in state court in Baton Rouge, accusing the state of mismanaging the public defender program designed to provide adequate legal defense for poor and indigent defendants.

Biz lobby expecting contingency fee bill

Louisiana Association of Business and Industry President Stephen Waguespack hinted at a possible legislative legal battle for the regular session that convenes in April.

Survey says: Journey

IND readers select the artsy, colored-glass design as their choice for the new Lafayette Regional Airport terminal.

Ex-vets secretary sues lege auditor

Former VA Secretary David LaCerte this week filed a lawsuit in which he accused Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera and Inspector General Stephen Street of writing an inaccurate report and unfairly attacking his military record.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

The dawn of ‘Dusk’

Help the Lafayette team behind a comic book get a six-issue volume across the finish line.

#PARTY GIRL: A Grand Coteau Slaughter!

Surprised would be an understatement when Hilary Slaughter walked through the back door and into the dining room of the restaurant Catahoula’s that she and her husband John used to own and run in Grand Coteau.

Higher Calling

I’m headed home to Arkansas for a purpose that’s been awaiting me all my life.

The Final Curtain

Mardi Gras season arrives with a flourish of vivid beads and decadent feathers as dressing for the most wonderful time of the year goes quite neutral.

Karma’s a Bitch

Lafayette has relied on a bar moratorium to control nightlife Downtown; our failure to address the issue with best-practices ordinances has come back to bite us.

Fees to be part of special session

While there was some thought about a cuts-only special session next month, the Edwards Administration is heeding calls from lawmakers for revenue-raising options and part of that strategy will include fees.

LOGA’S Briggs comes home

Trade group chief continues to recover from head injury sustained in North Carolina fall last October.

UL prez: University benefits from foreign students

UL "has historically benefited from the scientific, cultural and economic contributions of international students and scholars and values all students, faculty members and researchers, regardless of their country of origin."

Robots taking over oil rigs

Meet the Iron Roughneck — further proof employment in the oil and gas industry may never fully rebound.

On the Spot: Zachary Richard

Richard brings his multimedia experience, "Attakapas — The Story of the Cajun People," to the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge for a live recording that will be turned into a one-hour television event.

Dear Dr. Cassidy

As senator you have a responsibility to the state of Louisiana and all of its peoples, even the frequently overlooked.

Good sign: rig count jumps

The number of rigs exploring for oil and natural gas in the U.S. increased by 18 this week to 712. A year ago, 619 rigs were active.

JBE: deficit-closing special session begins Feb. 13

Gov. John Bel Edwards laid out his reasoning to lawmakers Friday for a deficit-closing special session, saying he won't seek tax increases to close the $304 million gap and will try to protect education programs from cuts.

Save the Basin for last

Atchafalaya Basinkeeper is hosting its annual Save the Basin fundraiser this Sunday at Artmosphere with live music and a local art auction.

Rainy Day debate soaks solons

Louisiana is one of 17 states that has not yet replenished its savings account since the 2009 recession, which was preceded by years of record deposits.

Leges file friendly brief on behalf of Pat Cooper

Nine members of the Louisiana Legislature have submitted a friend of the court brief on behalf of former Lafayette school Superintendent Pat Cooper, who was recently granted a rehearing in his wrongful termination lawsuit against the Lafayette Parish School Board.

FIL goes ‘Antiques Roadshow’

Want to get some keepsakes appraised by qualified professionals and help Festival International de Louisiane at the same time?

Jim Crow just moved to St. Martinville

In a majority-black town, the white police chief boasts that he is using a newly created hate crime law to upgrade to a felony the charge of resisting arrest, which could potentially add additional prison time to a suspect's sentence.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

S&P: La. among six states hard hit by energy slump

Six of the country's major energy-producing states have slipped into recession after a sharp decline in production and exploration over the last 18 months caused their tax revenue to plummet and job growth to stagnate.

The Connector’s new urban renewal

A new Connector coalition hopes against history that the interstate project will be a boon to Lafayette's neglected black community.

Great Harvest raising dough to raise the pavilion

When Great Harvest customers come in between Jan. 23 - 28, and mention Moncus Park Farmers Market, 20 percent of their purchases will be given to the Moncus Park to support the building of a “Market Pavilion” for local Lafayette farmers.

This week in awesome: Holy Rosary, FIL

Corporate sponsors step up to save Festival International de Louisiane. Dilapidated and defunct, Holy Rosary Institute gets a shot at salvation with a $450K federal grant.

This week in ‘OMG, she’s awful!’

Racist social media comments by a co-owner of a white, family-run business in the heart of a black neighborhood on Lafayette’s northside lead to calls for a boycott.

JBE: GOP leader’s plan ’vague’

Rep. Lance Harris released a spreadsheet Thursday recommending how to make $304 million in cuts without calling lawmakers into a special session.

On the Record: Chris Ardoin & NuStep Zydeco

These are the songs audiences want to hear the most. And that’s what Ardoin — a zydeco circuit, festival staple and flag bearer for the Ardoin legacy — gives them.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Deadline is Jan. 27 for INDesign entries

Established in 2005, the INDesign Awards are presented each spring to honor exemplary projects in commercial and residential architecture and interior design, historic preservation and urban development.

JBE uncommitted on lege endorsements

As January reaches its midpoint, Gov. John Bel Edwards hasn’t decided who he might support in the Legislature’s upcoming special elections in north and south Louisiana.

La. GOP headed to Supreme Court

The Louisiana Republican Party finally filed its appeal last week with the U.S. Supreme Court for a challenge to the ban on unlimited donations to political parties.


ABuzz: The Stories That Set the Internet on Fire (at least locally) in 2016

Shop Local Today and Every Day

The survival of locally owned businesses — and to a large extent the survival of our community — rests in your pocketbook.

La. flood recovery programs leave victims short

Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration is struggling with a problem that has become all too common for Louisiana's governors: How do you pick the winners and losers among disaster victims as you divvy up federal aid?

JBE calls special session; eyes mid-Feb.

Gov. John Bel Edwards intends to call the special session to make cuts and consider use of Louisiana's "rainy day" fund to close an estimated $313 million deficit in the state's $27 billion operating budget.

School board does 180, embraces sales tax

The board hasn’t made a final decision on whether to ask voters for hundreds of millions in additional revenue, but it appears now that if the board votes to place a tax referendum on the ballot this year, it will be a sales tax.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

On the Record: Strange Theories

Before Gabe Broussard started appearing on "The Voice," his band Strange Theories was already gigging around Lafayette and selling their debut record.

Nexstar gets FCC nod to purchase KLFY

Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. announced Wednesday that it has received Federal Communications Commission approval to acquire Media General, the parent company of KLFY TV10.

Home Again

IND video: Nearly five months after being forced from their flooded home, a Lafayette couple finally sleep in their own bed.

Political ads found new homes in 2016

The share of political ad spending long held by broadcast television took a major dive in 2016 as campaigns in Louisiana and across the national turned their attention more to online platforms.

It has come to this

Higher ed officials consider offering naming rights to corporations to buttress beleaguered TOPS.

Cuts to TOPS payments proposed

Freshman would get 80 percent of tuition covered, while sophomores would get 90 percent. Juniors and seniors would get the full 100 percent.

Vermilionville hosts ’Gateway to the Grammys’

This Thursday, Vermilionville will host its “Gateway to the Grammys,” which is a Grammy send-off fundraising party for three local bands who will soon be making their way to Los Angeles for “Music’s Biggest Night.”

Flooded homeowners should see money by April

Louisiana is submitting its plan Friday to spend $438 million in federal flood aid, and Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration says money should begin flowing for recovery work by April.

Audits unveil new Jindal-era financial problems

Financial troubles left behind by Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration continue to surface, with recent audits describing misspent money, shoddy bookkeeping and lost state-owned property.

Long distance librarian

UL’s Peter Ochieng has a vision to transform his Kenyan home village through books.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Theall, Hamilton (and Perry?) possible appeals court candidates

The open seat on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal being vacated by state Supreme Court Justice-elect Jimmy Genovese is starting to shape up — beginning with a quick exit from 15th Judicial District Court Judge John Trahan, who was expected to run.

Food Security

Kohlie Frantzen and Zack McMath are working to bring Lafayette’s food back home.

Hats Off

A New Iberia hat maker comes home.

Vision 2017

Lafayette laid the groundwork for our tech future a decade ago with fiber. Leaders in technology, manufacturing and other fields say it’s time to fully embrace it.

I Can See Clearly Now

Regular eye exams can catch serious issues early on, helping you avoid permanent vision damage.

RE: Under Water

Drainage issues in Lafayette Parish underscore why “our parish government” is failing everyone.

NIRC lands pharmaceutical facility

Expansion will allow Crown Bioscience of California, a global drug discovery and development company, to advance treatments for cardiovascular and metabolic disease research.


Acadiana’s New Year’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Sons of American Revolution wades into monument debate

The local chapter is asking the state Legislature to craft a constitutional amendment that would allow voters statewide to decide whether historic monuments should be permanently shielded from “destruction, dismantling, removal, moving, storage or hiding.”

In Memoriam 2016

Remembering the beloved figures from Lafayette and Acadiana’s culture, politics and business worlds who died this year

Carrie Fisher’s Iberian connection

Fisher is survived by her 24-year-old daughter Billie Catherine Lourd. Lourd’s father is New Iberia native Bryan Lourd, who for the past two decades has earned a reputation as one of the most powerful people in Hollywood.

Donate to The Lens through Jan. 19, and the Knight Foundation doubles your gift

[Editor's Note to IND readers: The appeal below is from Steve Beatty, publisher of nonprofit The Lens, and is directed at readers like you who value high-quality journalism and are willing to pay for it. While The Lens is New Orleans-based, many of the public policy stories it reports are important to Lafayette-area readers and appear at Please consider making a donation by Jan. 19.]

In Case You Missed It

As the year closes, take note of these entertainment items you may have overlooked.


Acadiana’s Christmas Weekend Nightlife Guide

Scouts buy McGee’s Landing

A subsidiary of the Evangeline Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America purchased McGee’s Landing, a move that will turn the Henderson levee property into a magnet for scouting adventure and educational activities for decades to come.

SCOLA denies Marshal Pope’s appeal — again

On Dec. 16, the Louisiana Supreme Court declined to hear the embattled official's latest appeal, affirming that The Independent had the right to file a public records lawsuit against him.

Contract spat leads to changes in fire service in rural Lafayette

The Lafayette Fire Department is taking over service in an unincorporated area of rural west and northwest Lafayette Parish previously serviced by the Scott Volunteer Fire Department after a dispute between the SVFD and Lafayette Consolidated Government over the cooperative endeavor agreement and reimbursement schedule.

Refinery tax being ‘vetted’

With some lawmakers already getting cold feet over the idea of a personal income tax change in 2017, a small circle of political players are starting to look at a concept that is being described as a refinery tax.

Tough inaugural year winding down for JBE

Gov. John Bel Edwards has taken a round of political blows recently, watching favored candidates lose their elections, a judge reject his LGBT-rights executive order and House leaders thwart his budget cut plans.

List of potential treasurer candidates swelling

Caroline FayardAfter losing her bid for the U.S. Senate this year, Democratic attorney Caroline Fayard is among the many names being urged to look at the special election for treasurer, which has so f

Wheels of mercy roll into Angola

Twice a year Acadiana residents travel to the Louisiana State Penitentiary to visit incarcerated family members, thanks to the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette.

Angele Davis eyeing race for treasurer?

The potential candidate should be questioned about her role on Jindal’s Commission on Streamlining Government and its greatest gaff: the taking of severance tax audit authority away from the DOR and handing it to DNR.

The Warehouse Project returns to 535

Warehouse 535 and Galerie Touchet have collaborated to create a fusion event with a plethora of local artistic talents showcasing their artwork for a one-night only event this Saturday.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Overtime Rule Changes Delayed

Texas judge temporarily blocks U.S. Department of Labor from implementing and enforcing its revised white collar overtime regulations.

Hello, 2017!

Although 2016 presented us with many challenges, it also laid the foundation for lots of exciting opportunities in the year ahead.

Crawling from the Wreckage

As he recovers from his failed congressional bid, Scott Angelle faces the possibility that both his lucrative board position at Sunoco Logistics and political future are in jeopardy.

Stick a Fork In It

The process of settling on a design for the I-49 Connector is leading us to selecting one of two popular designs. Let’s not be hasty in choosing the best path.

Bank On It

Entrepreneur of the Year Mike Maraist might be soft spoken and eager to praise others, but friends and business associates who know him best trust him the most.

Phoenix on the Fuselier

Artist George Marks leads a cultural and economic renaissance in his hometown of Arnaudville.

JBE’s LGBT rights order thrown out by judge

State District Judge Todd Hernandez ruled that Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards' anti-discrimination order is unconstitutional because it seeks to create or expand state law.

Four Lafayette deputies injured in accidental shooting

One Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s deputy was treated at a hospital and three others treated on the scene for minor injuries after a fifth deputy’s gun accidentally discharged at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office firing range.

One to grow on

HerringStone’s expands with HeirLoom by HerringStone’s in Youngsville.

Race for Louisiana treasurer revs up

Among names on the growing list of potential candidates is Acadiana health care executive Gus Rantz, who placed fifth in the primary for the 3rd Congressional District in November.

UL taking over LITE

University will assume all oversight for the technology center’s facilities and operations.

Does Higgins suggest using campaign funds for child support debt?

The congressional candidate who denied to KATC that he ever missed a child support payment, acknowledges in a phone conversation with his ex-wife that he owes her more than $100,000. You decide if he seems to contemplate using campaign funds to settle the debt.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Celebrate the season with Christmas in the Park

The inaugural Christmas in the Park is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 9, 2016, from 6 ‐ 9 p.m. at Moncus Park at the Horse Farm. This free event will offer a wide variety of fun and activity for the whole family this holiday season.

Waitr, Saints join forces

The union of the pro team and foodie app comes amid rapid expansion by Waitr, which now has more than 1,200 restaurants in the Gulf Coast region within its network.

LOGA’s Briggs on the mend

Docs say trade association chief's “health is progressing daily and prognosis is good for recovery.”

Legislators already jumping into 2019

Part of this early posturing could be due to terms limits, which will force out somewhere between 60 percent and 70 percent of the entire House and Senate in roughly three years.

AcA explores ‘The Science of Santa’

This Wednesday, the Acadiana Center for the Arts presents a new perspective on jolly old St. Nick with Doktor Kaboom's Holiday Extravaganza: The Science of Santa.

Early voting for Saturday runoffs lagging

December elections historically have had low turnouts, and Secretary of State Tom Schedler's office expects about 35 percent of voters statewide to show up for the election, compared to 68 percent for the presidential election.

Noel Acadien au Village now open

LARC’s Acadian Village will host its 36th annual Christmas festival fundraiser from December 1 - 23 to benefit persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

ASO taps Baker as new ED

The former Festival International executive director will assume the same role with the Acadiana Symphony.

Holidays For All

Fashion comes in every form for every age. We’ve rounded up three of our favorite looks for whatever fête is on your list.


From daytime holiday dressing to evening fêtes, this holiday season brings ensembles that work for every age and body shape.

Giver Guide

Nonprofits in need, a community willing


The good, the bad and the plain crazy of 2016

#PARTY GIRL: Palates and Paté

The Acadiana Outreach Center throws a soirée like no one else when it combines the culinary arts with those of a painted or sculpted variety. Palates and Paté was glamorous as ever with a crowd of art fans and killer auction items.

JBE going back to DC seeking flood aid

Louisiana has received $438 million in disaster block grant assistance from Congress, but the Democratic governor is asking for a total of $4 billion.

Natalie Domino Person joins Picard Group

As director of consulting services, Person aims to enhance the firm’s executive level consulting, which focuses on health care finance, reimbursement, revenue cycle operations and managed care.

FIL makes it official: no Heritage Stage

Three weeks after this paper reported it and on the same day The Advertiser published a story, Festival International de Louisiane confirms that lagging corporate sponsorships have forced it to cancel the Heritage Stage for the 2017 FIL.

JBE for president?

“If Democrats believe they need the ‘bubba vote’ — a.k.a. white, working-class men — they could look to [John Bel] Edwards."

Acadiana’s allstars recreate ’The Last Waltz’

Acadiana Allstar performers will recreate song-by-song the legendary Martin Scorsese film of The Band’s farewell performance with special guests performing the roles of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and many more.

For Scott Angelle, it’s complicated

Sunoco Logistics Partners’ buyout of its parent company puts the congressional candidate’s business ties — and his $380K board post — in the spotlight.

Les Vues Film Series presents ‘My Louisiana Love’

Vermilionville’s free monthly cultural film series, Les Vues, returns the last Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Performance Center. November's screening will be curated by Monique Michelle Verdin, who will be showing her film, My Louisiana Love.


Acadiana’s Thanksgiving Weekend Nightlife Guide

On second thought: Capt. Clay could win this thing

The former lawman is polling ahead of Scott Angelle as payback-minded Sen. David Vitter works behind the scenes against Angelle. The question remains: Will the Trump voters who got Higgins into the runoff be there for him on Dec. 10?

Two upcoming events for an engaged community

I-49 Connector open house set for Nov. 30 at Progressive Community Outreach Center and update on new airport terminal will be held the following day at Bell Helicopter.

Farmer resigns as UL athletic director

After five successful years on the job, Scott Farmer is moving from the post of athletic director to take a teaching position in UL Lafayette’s Kinesiology Department, calling the move “an opportunity ... I’ve looked forward to.”

DTA! closes fall season with holiday bash

Downtown Alive! welcomes the Pine Leaf Boys for the last DTA! of the season in Parc Sans Souci on Nov. 23 with the lighting of the official City Christmas Tree, Toys for Tots toy drive and gumbo from TransCanada.

50 years the Savoy way

Marc Savoy didn't want publicity for his Eunice accordion shop's milestone 50th anniversary. We're giving it to him anyway.

Itz Pop-A-Licious under new ownership

Ron and Jean Prejean of Lafayette are the new owners of Itz Pop-A-Licious, which offers a variety of gourmet popcorn in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Former foes now friends in La. Senate runoff

One-time rivals who hammered each other in bitter exchanges ahead of the primary election are now suggesting they're forgiving and forgetting in the runoff as they endorse intra-party competitors who earlier in the election cycle said awful things about them.

JBE delays budget cuts amid higher-ed worries

Gov. John Bel Edwards agreed Friday to postpone budget cuts for another month, as lawmakers pushed to spare college campuses from the slashing needed to close a $313 million deficit.

Bayou Bridge Pipeline fight hits the local airwaves

Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle sits on the board of Sunoco Logistics, which is threatening eminent domain action against property owners during a time when Angelle is desperately trying to save his political career.

State looks into another debt refinancing

Louisiana refinanced debt earlier this year to generate quick cash. At the time, the state's financial adviser recommended against doing the same maneuver again.

Trump becomes focal point in La. Senate race

A super PAC supporting Republican candidate John Kennedy, the state treasurer, says Louisiana's voters should support Kennedy in the Dec. 10 runoff because he will work with Trump in Washington.


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New hearing set on Edwards LGBT protection order

Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry says the Democratic governor's anti-discrimination executive order violates the state constitution. Edwards accuses Landry of repeatedly exceeding his authority and is asking Hernandez to define the attorney general's role in office.

Donald Trump and America’s wetland

President Trump, who says he wants to address our deplorable infrastructure, could start with saving our coastal infrastructure, which aids both the environment and our energy economies.

Marshal Brian Pope begins serving house arrest

Seven-day sentence is being supervised by the office of Sheriff Mark Garber, the very man prosecutors say Pope abused his own office to oppose in last year’s race for sheriff.

Boustany backs Kennedy

The two men had traded attacks ahead of this month's primary, with a super PAC supporting Kennedy heavily hitting Boustany.

Fayard backs Campbell for Senate

The competition between Fayard and Campbell had been particularly bitter ahead of the Senate primary election earlier this month.

People & Flashes

New hires, promotions and more from Acadiana's business community

’Tis the Season

Tips for Corporate Gift Giving and Party Planning from the ABiz Staff

Leap of Faith

Elliot Green took a chance when he transplanted his tech startup from NYC to Lafayette, and he’s not looking back.

Supremes to get GOP case

The Louisiana Republican Party’s challenge to the ban on unlimited donations to political parties is headed to the United States Supreme Court.

Orphaned and Abandoned

The state’s Office of Mineral Resources is scrambling to audit bankrupt state mineral leaseholders.

St. Landry Parish lumber mill gets new life

LeMoyen Mill & Timber LLC will acquire and invest an additional $2 million to develop a wood products manufacturing facility in LeMoyen. LeMoyen Mill & Timber, a wholly owned subsidiary of San Antonio-based Adobe Machinery Group, is repurposing a lumber mill previously operated by Bayou State Lumber Co.

On Second Thought

State supreme court rules in favor of Acadiana man imprisoned on illegal sentence.

Here Comes the Sun

As LUS backs off its controversial “solar tax,” stakeholders call for more transparency, and for a renewed engagement with the community-owned utility provider.

Skipping a step, treasurer’s race begins

John Kennedy still has to win his U.S. Senate bid before the post of state treasurer opens up, but that hasn’t stopped a large slate of legislators from making very quiet moves.

Election season enters round two

The big challenge in the U.S. Senate runoff for Treasurer John Kennedy and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell will be grabbing the attention of the same voters who were already less than enthusiastic about this race during the primary.

ASO presents Death By Chocolate

The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and Conservatory of Music and Louisiana Restaurant Association are bringing back the sellout event.

Judge revives parish’s lawsuit over coastal wetlands loss

The state Department of Natural Resources doesn't have the staff, funding or capability to conduct the thousands of "administrative enforcement actions" necessary to address the violations alleged by the parish, the judge ruled.

Hudspeth: two wins in mere hours

Moments after his Ragin’ Cajuns defeated Georgia Southern on the gridiron, UL’s head football coach offered a spirited defense of his players who appeared in an off-color cellphone video.


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La Fête du Festival: never more vital

The annual fundraiser for Festival International comes amid news that the Heritage Stage has been cancelled for the 2017 FIL due to lagging sponsorships. You read that right. No Heritage Stage.

Lisa Hanchey joins Ogletree Deakins

She most recently worked for the U.S. District Court, Western District of Louisiana, where she served as a law clerk to Magistrate Judge Carol Whitehurst.

JBE: Cuts may worsen, but no special session

Speculation about a special session has been swirling since the state discovered it had a $313 million deficit to carry over from last fiscal year — a gap that is now being addressed with midyear budget cuts.

SCOLA denies city marshal’s appeal

It’s the end of the rope for Brian Pope, who must now serve his house arrest and community service resulting from contempt of court judgment in public records case.

Boudreaux doubles down

The councilman turned the screw on civil service board members and attorney Monday, demanding they step down due to ‘inappropriate’ comments recorded at an Oct. 11 meeting.

Capt. Clay fails the fact-check

Records from internal affairs investigations reveal Higgins roughed up a young black man much more than he admitted to The IND. Oh, and his “peacock” story doesn’t hold up either.

Pack & Paddle hosts Pint Night benefiting Team FarSight

Pack & Paddle is holding its Annual Pint Night this Friday featuring live music and free beer, with all proceeds benefiting long distance, blind hiker Trevor Thomas and his non-profit organization Team FarSight.


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Toby Aguillard named new police chief

Denham Springs native has a combined 28 years in law enforcement and criminal justice experience, including stints as an assistant district attorney and an assistant attorney general.

Kenneth Boudreaux’s unfortunate gambit

The councilman, on whom this newspaper has heaped effusive, well-earned praise during his three terms in elected government, went off the rail with his attack on the Civil Service Board.

Tax panel gives solons its ideas

Louisiana's lawmakers are being urged to make sweeping changes to the state's sales, personal income and property tax policies, in an effort to end state government's boom-and-bust budgeting cycles.

LUS quietly clouds solar’s future

It is now unlikely that new solar power systems would ever pay for themselves as a result of LUS’ new solar tax and the phase out of Louisiana’s solar tax credits.

Sekhani closes out Bach Lunch series Friday

Roots rocker Kevin Sekhani, formerly of The Mercy Brothers, brings his high-energy, gospel-tinged rock ’n’ roll to Parc Sans Souci Friday for the last of the concert series’ fall 2016 run.

Briana Drescher joins Preis PLC

She obtained her juris doctorate degree, magna cum laude, and two bachelor of arts degrees from LSU in 2016 and 2013, respectively.

2Paul’s calls it quits

The economy, the August flooding, a chain gang of restaurants. It was all just too much for the local BBQ joint.

Schools. Choice.

With expansion plans underway at both public and private schools in the Lafayette area, the choices for parents and students have never been greater.

Party Girl: Boys and Girls Club Annual Soiree

Supporters of the organization that teaches character and leadership to local youth throughout Acadiana gathered for the annual Great Futures Gala with great eats, killer auctions and the best youth around who joined in the celebration.

Hail to the Chief

Get your fill of U.S. presidential election history at Edith Garland Dupré Library on the UL Lafayette campus with an eye-popping, vote-inducing exhibit in the grand hallway of memorabilia from the personal collection of Thomas Angers.


INDStyle Awards bring the latest in beauty, fashion and local shopping

David Boulet: Man in the Maelstrom

Can the Republican son-in-law of a former Democratic governor help clean up a mess left by Bobby Jindal in one of the state’s least known but most important revenue-generating offices? We’re about to find out.

CROSS WISE: Term of Endearment

With a Republican-controlled Legislature running interference, can Gov. John Bel Edwards parlay public support into a second term?

Long Shot just in time for Christmas

The new book by Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford shows you exactly what the 2015 road to the governor’s mansion looked and felt like.

Seeing is Believing

Long the victim of a supply-side scam by big business and oil/gas, Louisiana is beginning to right decades of wrong.

Ackal trial opens

The Iberia sheriff is charged with ordering the beatings of prisoners and orchestrating a brazen cover-up.

McKinley Street renaissance welcomes pop-up market

McKinley Street is hosting a pop-up market every Saturday through December from 12 - 4 p.m. featuring all things local for holiday shopping and beyond. The market will be a venue for local handcrafted goods, vintage items and art from artists of all ages along with food trucks, lawn games and other entertainment.


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La. Senate race: a circus

With an open seat, two dozen candidates, prostitution allegations and a white supremacist contender, the only sure thing in Louisiana's U.S. Senate race seems to be that it won't be decided Nov. 8.

DTA! does Halloween

Downtown Alive! welcomes Cedryl Ballou & the Zydeco Trendsetters to the Parc Sans Souci stage on Friday, Oct. 28, with a special Halloween costume contest in coordination with the Children’s Museum of Acadiana’s Spooktacular event followed by Hocus Pocus at Movies in the Parc on top of the parking garage.

Official: La. coast ’issue of a lifetime’

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Chairman Johnny Bradberry told dozens of participants in a discussion Monday at LSU that the current coastal situation will affect every part of the state's economy.

Collins named Family Tree ED

Marie Collins goes to The Family Tree from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, where for a decade she oversaw mental health, substance abuse and other services.

Facebook helped voter-registration push

The social media giant made an aggressive drive to gets its users registered and election officials tell LaPolitics that thousands of new voters were added to the rolls on the days Facebook made its appeals.

Nathan Norris out at DDA

The CEO of the Downtown Development Authority and Downtown Lafayette Unlimited is moving on after four years on the job.

LA Pizza Mia expands to Broussard

LA Pizza Mia began as a creative concept from the executive culinary team at Le Triomphe Golf & Country Club before opening its first branded restaurant in New Iberia earlier this year.

Lake Chaz microbrewery expanding sales to Lafayette

Crying Eagle Brewing Company of Lake Charles has begun offering three of its beers in Lafayette bars and restaurants and will begin selling those same brews in select Lafayette stores beginning next week.

Changes to tuition rules among 6 amendments on La. ballot

The proposed constitutional change, which would end the requirement of a two-thirds vote of state lawmakers for college tuition and fee hikes, is the highest profile constitutional amendment of six awaiting voters on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Trick-or-treating made easy at Boo Bayou

Vermilionville Living History Museum & Folklife Park invites the public to celebrate Halloween at the village with Boo Bayou, a Fall Carnival for the whole family being held on Saturday, October 22 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Kennedy leads in new poll

Perhaps most news-worthy: Former KKK leader David Duke makes the cut for the next televised debate.


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Louisiana AG challenges LGBT-rights order

The attorney general is asking for a preliminary injunction, prohibiting the Edwards administration from enforcing the order, and ultimately for the order to be declared unconstitutional and voided.

On the Record: Doublewide

Doublewide is the band Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister would have fronted in Austin 12 years ago.

LPD chief selection imminent

Mayor Joel Robideaux could begin conducting final interviews for Lafayette’s vacant police chief position as early as this week.

Boudin Cook-Off kicks off this Saturday

Acadiana’s biggest boudin celebration, the 9th Annual Boudin Cook-off, returns Oct. 22 to Downtown Lafayette to offer boudin samples from across the state along with a boudin eating contest and a people’s choice award for the best boudin.

La. Senate candidates spar over records in TV debate

Major candidates vying for Louisiana's U.S. Senate seat clashed Tuesday night over health care, finances and each other's records in their first televised debate, slamming each other as they sought to break away from the pack.

State Senate could be battleground

Republicans already have a decent majority this term in the state Senate, but you couldn’t tell based on the bills it passes and the support it provides to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Senate hopeful Troy Hebert goes ‘big coconuts’

Stung by a judge’s refusal to open the U.S. Senate debate to candidates with less than $1 million in their campaign accounts and at least 5 percent in the polls, the thousandaire 1-percenter lashes out in a ham-handed parody video. Warning: You can’t un-watch it.

Four Acadiana solons join AG Landry’s anti-LGBT crusade

Attorney General Jeff Landry’s fight against Gov. John Bel Edwards’ executive order protecting LGBT employees in state contracts to private firms has the support of 17 state lawmakers, including four Acadiana reps.

AOC celebrates National Free Speech Week

AOC Community Media will celebrate National Free Speech Week from Monday, Oct. 17 through Friday, Oct. 21 with several free events geared toward raising awareness about free speech and celebrating its monumental importance in our nation’s democracy.

Dat Dog delayed again

The dog days of summer are behind us. The dog days of Downtown are yet to be.


In an effort to force Big Oil to pay its share for coastal restoration, the Edwards administration definitely isn’t mailing it in.


Roya Boustany, an assistant district attorney with the 15th JDC district attorney’s office; George D. “Dave” Ernest III, an attorney with Hurlburt, Monroe & Ernest in Lafayette; and Bernard N. Marcantel and David E. Marcantel, attorneys with Marcantel, Marcantel, Wall & Pfeiffer in Jennings, have been named fellows of the Louisiana Bar Foundation.

Farm to Dinner Table

A potential partnership between Acadiana Food Hub and Waitr could be the breakthrough conscientious consumers have been waiting for.

Boustany’s treacherous straits

The mild-mannered, moderate Republican has been loath to utter Donald Trump’s name even while offering a milquetoast’s endorsement of “the Republican nominee.” That’s not cutting it with the Trump crowd.


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ABiz seeking Entrepreneur of the Year nominations

We need your nominations by Oct. 27, so our committee can narrow the field and choose another standout leader who will be honored in the November-December issue of ABiz and at the Entrepreneur of the Year Symposium.

Hebert lawsuit on Senate race debate drags on

Only five of the 24 Senate candidates met the debate criteria, which required participants to have raised at least $1 million and polled at 5 percent support. Troy Hebert is not fundraising for his campaign.

Fayard releases climate/coast plan

The Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, who in September fudged a question about whether climate change is human-caused, sciences up with a plan to fight climate change and save the coast. But does her “plan” warrant quotation marks?

The many facets of FAeC

Creating a “temporary dance hall” scene at Girard Park, Festivals Acadiens et Creoles organizers strive to present the current state of the culture through performances that can range from thoughtful preservation to daring innovation.


Purchase your signed Official Festivals Poster and Pin at the Merchandise Tent located in between Scène Ma Louisiane and the Bayou Food Festival. Shirts and caps printed with the 2016 pin and poster will also be available.

‘Life of a Well’ luncheon set for Oct. 27

Explanation of the life cycle of a well targets non-technical energy industry employees and those who want to understand more about the various phases of oil and gas exploration and production.

Frank’s buys Blackhawk Group for $321 million

The merger will be funded $150 million in cash and 12.8 million shares of Frank’s common stock. Approximately $80 million of Blackhawk debt will be repaid at closing with proceeds from the transaction.

Festival Acadiens et Creoles returns this weekend

The biggest and best Cajun-Creole festival in Louisiana, Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, returns to Girard Park to celebrate Acadian heritage with musical performances, dancing, food from local vendors, arts and crafts from local artisans, kid’s activities, exhibits, cooking demonstrations and much more.

DOTD pushing roundabouts

Louisiana's transportation department has kicked off an ad campaign touting the safety benefits of the roundabout, those traffic circles that are cropping up more and more in the state.

Dardenne suffers heart attack

He said he was heeding his doctors' advice regarding rest but looks forward to returning to work as soon as he's cleared.

Judge Edwards to Pope: ‘you decide’

Edwards gave the marshal two options: Produce the "Mr. Redmond" motion now or wait for the criminal proceedings to conclude, which — Edwards appeared to indicate — means Pope will face $100-a-day penalties, swelling the tens of thousands in penalties he already owes to The IND.

Rep. Bishop’s party line in the marsh

Joined by all Rs in the Acadiana House delegation, Bishop claims in an Oct. 4 letter to Gov. John Bel Edwards that the agreement Edwards has with attorneys in the coastal damages cases against oil and gas companies violates the spirit and letter of the law.

Geeks, unite!

Photo illustration by Donal O’MeadhraLouisiana Comicon takes over the Cajundome Convention Center Oct. 8 and 9. The two-day event brings together the best of comics, graphic novels and sci-fi, with

Ooo-ooo, that smell!

Sugar cane grinding season has started in Louisiana and with it the familiar, often acrid aroma of burning fields.


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Contentious Medicaid contract gets leges’ nod

Lawmakers have agreed to another one-year, $46 million contract extension for the firm that processes bills and handles health provider enrollment for Louisiana's Medicaid program.

Oil industry wants lawmakers to intervene

Parish officials started receiving letters from the Edwards Administration two weeks ago encouraging them to join lawsuits filed against oil and gas companies for coastal damages.

Bach Lunch launches Friday

Bach Lunch’s Fall 2016 concert series kicks off Friday and features some familiar notes from the Lafayette soundtrack.

Frank’s slashes more Lafayette jobs

Company spokeswoman would not say how many local workers were laid off in what represents at least the fifth round of confirmed cuts since early 2015.

B&G Food buys nine Lafayette Taco Bells

Morgan City-based franchisee now operates more than 100 Taco Bell restaurants in Louisiana, Texas (primarily the Houston area) and southern Mississippi.

Bayou Round Up rolls Friday

The massive fête for South Louisiana music, food and culture will be reflected in chrome this weekend when the second annual Bayou Round Up motors into Lafayette for two days of classic cars, rock ’n’ roll and gastronomic glory.

Family Affair

A new documentary dovetailing with Festivals Acadiens et Créoles explores the rich musical bonds between black and white Francophones.

Scott Free

Congressional candidate Scott Angelle’s term as secretary of the Department of Natural Resources was a free ride for the oil and gas industry, and it cost the state dearly in lost revenue.


New laser offers relief for women suffering from the loss of estrogen, particularly those treated for breast cancer.

CROSS WISE: Red River Blues

As with the rest of the country, declining opportunities in Louisiana’s rural parishes engender the ideal conditions for a Donald Trump candidacy.

Know Thy Teche

Historian Shane Bernard knows Bayou Teche and its history.

In The Music Garden

Melissa Stelly Stevenson's commitment to invest in the future of creative and critical thinkers and art makers through music instruction extends from the classroom to her new studio

JBE sues AG Landry over anti-discrimination clause

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards sued the state attorney general Friday for rejecting contracts with an anti-discrimination clause that would protect LGBT people, language the governor ordered to be included in nearly all state contracts.

Scott Angelle in the hot seat?

Independent exclusive explores how Angelle and Gov. Bobby Jindal effectively gave control of the state’s severance tax collections to the oil and gas industry, costing the state hundreds of millions if not billions in revenue and abetting a budget crisis that led to devastating cuts to higher education and health care for the poor and disabled.

La. tries to revive Planned Parenthood funding cut

Earlier this month, a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction blocking the cut, which would have kept needy Louisiana women from getting non-abortion services at Planned Parenthood facilities.

DTA, AcA team up for flood relief

Gorgeous fall weather will no doubt aid the cause the Downtown Alive! and the Acadiana Center for the arts join forces to raise funds for artists and arts organizations affected by the August floods.

Movies in the Parc presents ’Big Hero 6’

Downtown Lafayette's Movies in the Parc offers family-friendly movie events featuring crowd favorites under the stars. Gates open at 200 Garfield Street at 6 p.m. and the movies start at dusk.

On the Record: The Nouveau String Band

This record will probably not delight purists and staunch fans of the artists from which they borrow but that doesn’t mean its not fit for the rest of us.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Senate contest sees super PAC activity

Super PACs, which are a specific class of political action committees that can raise unlimited dollars, are starting to show up on television screens in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race.

RedHawk Holdings buys stake in Marlin USA Energy Partners

Marlin is the minority owner of Tigress Energy Partners, which is investing up to $250 million of institutional capital on the exploration and production of oil and gas reserves in the south and southwest regions of the U.S.

Kona Ice cools Acadiana

The decked out, shaved ice truck offers a healthier snack alternative for children with an innovative twist on the traditional snow cone.

La. flood aid drowns in D.C. paralysis

The Senate has blocked a spending bill needed to keep the government open beyond Friday's midnight deadline. The bill includes $500 million to help Louisiana after last month's flooding.

Chinese plot leaves New Orleans steamed

No reaction yet from city officials in the wake of what appears to be clear — though as-yet unconfirmed — meddling by China in the Crescent City’s night life.

LCTCS ponders post-growth strategy

“How do we continue to close the skills gap and the educational attainment gap, which helps to solve two of our state’s biggest problems?”

1A weighs in on transportation funding

Ahead of Wednesday’s regional task force meeting in Lafayette, One Acadiana releases recommendations for a statewide transportation funding solution.

Court asks judges to respond to Ackal’s claims

Iberia Sheriff Louis Ackal's attorney argues that U.S. District Judge Patricia Minaldi's mysterious removal from the sheriff's case violated court rules and apparently was done without her consent earlier this year.

LSU fires Les Miles

Miles' firing comes one day after LSU lost 18-13 at unranked Auburn.

Buckwheat Zydeco has died

Stanley Dural took zydeco music mainstream. He went on to jam with musical greats like Eric Clapton, play at former President Bill Clinton's inauguration and perform at the 1996 Olympics closing ceremony in Atlanta.

Castle v. Genovese under radar (for now)

You have Genovese supporters accusing Castle of being too cozy with oil and gas interests and Castle supporters accusing Genovese of being a trial lawyer candidate.

Not again, Blue Bell!

No illnesses have been reported from the latest recall of ice cream distributed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Scores to contest tax bills

Aaron’s, a rent-to-own store with two locations in Lafayette, is seeking the biggest tax relief: $1.6 million of its $1.7 million bill.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

On the Record: Plush Claw

If the gems here are clues to better and bigger things when the band does get around to their next full-length, it will be remembered as a welcome harbinger.

‘Mr. Redmond’ revealed in Pope case

Baton Rouge-based political consultant Jason Redmond is the man whose name was used on invoices for legal services paid for by the city marshal’s office last year to unseal Sheriff Mark Garber’s divorce records.

Speaker Ryan backs La. flood aid

The flood aid question is one of a handful of unresolved issues involving the stopgap funding bill, which would prevent a shutdown next week and keep the government running through Dec. 9.

State’s taxpayer burden runs high

Louisiana’s tally is $17,400 — this is amount each taxpayer would have to pay in order for the state’s treasury to be debt-free.

LA Sugar Cane Festival rolls into New Iberia

The 75th Annual Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival takes place Sept. 21-25 in Downtown New Iberia and honors the state’s enduring sugar harvest and the industry as a whole.

Senate race tightens

Kennedy plummets in SMOR poll on the heels of coy handling of Boustany prostitution “scandal.”

Gachassin appeals $1.6M ethics fine

Local developer and his Cartesian Company claim Ethics Adjudicatory Board was wrong when it found them in violation of the state’s Code of Ethics and ordered them to pay a record $1.6 million.

Senate debates lined up

With 24 candidates running, it’ll be interesting to see who makes the stage and which guidelines were used for inclusion.

USDA: $328M oil spill restoration plan for Gulf

Undersecretary Robert Bonnie says the agency will use that focus through 2018 as it helps coastal producers plan improvements to improve water quality and improve coastal ecosystems under several Farm Bill programs.

Local animal adoption event begins this Saturday

The Lafayette Parish Animal Control Center (LACC) is kicking off its first in a series of monthly “Adoption Events,” on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 1 - 5 p.m. at its facility located at 613 W. Pont Des Mouton Road in Lafayette.

Fall into the blues at Warehouse 535

If you need more reason to welcome cooler temps and the eventual arrival of Gumbo Weather, get thee to Warehouse 535 for the kickoff of Blues on the Green.

QB Delhomme named MidSouth board chair

A former standout quarterback for the UL Ragin’ Cajuns and Carolina Panthers of the NFL, Delhomme joined MidSouth in an advisory capacity in 2012, soon after his pro football career ended.

Medicaid expansion tops 300,000 in La.

More people still are needed to enter the program to reach the savings projected by Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration for this year's budget. The budget assumed 375,000 people will enroll in the Medicaid expansion.

Do La.’s tax incentives work? Who knows

A new legislative auditor report finds that state agencies that administer the incentives either don’t file required reports or file incomplete reports. But hey, what’s $1.1 billion?

ABiz Scene

Gov. John Bel Edwards was the keynote speaker at ABiz’s annual Top 50 Private Companies luncheon.

Shattered Glass

While the members of this diverse group of Acadiana women can’t all say they were firsts, each of them has contributed to our community in ways too countless to capture in 500-word profiles.

Wildcatting Women

Female-owned businesses in Acadiana increasingly contribute to our economic diversity, resilience and prosperity.

Analysis: La. flooding disrupts candidate outreach, polling

Flooding that ravaged south Louisiana and damaged homes across the Baton Rouge and Lafayette regions has put a crimp in fall election planning, making it more difficult for voter outreach and tracking when tens of thousands are displaced.


Lafayette’s city marshal has exposed public coffers to more than $312,000 in costs to cover up his bungled foray into shadow politics.

New York money for Maness

With a six-figure check from Robert Mercer, the New York conservative bigwig, Warrior PAC is ready to start rolling out its efforts in support of retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness in the U.S. Senate race.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Carmichael thrives as Saints’ play-caller

Saints coach Sean Payton has the luxury of delegating play-calling because his offensive coordinator, Pete Carmichael Jr., has done it before — and done it well.

Rising Above

We love looking good while supporting a great cause. Design done right and proceeds toward flood recovery efforts combine in these pieces from Louisiana designers determined to help our st

On the Record: Brass Mimosa

Employing a freedom — of ideas and away from genre constraints — that our scene has always had, Brass Mimosa’s Stay Sharp is equal parts funky and Lafayette-born.

$15M in property tax breaks for manufacturers stalled

Cleco Power, which received approval because it had been in the pipeline before Edwards' executive order, will get more than $12 million in tax breaks over 10 years for a project expected to create 12 jobs in St. Mary Parish.

Touché, Mr. Kennedy, touché

Charles Boustany’s campaign should have just moved on from the “Jeff Davis 8” hooker story. They couldn’t resist. John Kennedy pounced.

Opponents keep spotlight on Duke

In what could be a sign of things to come for the remainder of the primary, Duke is getting a constant flow of media coverage in the U.S. Senate race for, basically, being Duke.

La. asking feds to shoulder more of March flood

The state's congressional delegation and Gov. John Bel Edwards have asked the Obama administration to drop Louisiana's share of response costs from 25 percent to 10 percent for the north Louisiana flooding.

Bach Lunch on tap

The popular free Friday concert series Downtown has released its Fall 2016 schedule.

Governor asks Congress for $2B for flood recovery

At a House subcommittee hearing reviewing the federal response, Edwards said the money is needed for housing, economic development and public works after August flooding that caused more than $8.7 billion in damage.

Deadline set by Edwards on reworked hospital deals

Gov. John Bel Edwards has given the private operators of the LSU hospitals and clinics until next week to decide if they agree to renegotiated terms of their financing deals with the state.

1st UL lab chimps arrive at Ga. sanctuary

University officials say they've been planning retirement and sanctuary for its chimpanzees for more than two years, and "the vast majority" were never part of any research.

Lafayette General lays off 70

Hospital group says more “patient care will be added to the system’s main campus — Lafayette General Medical Center — as a way to further centralize care and staffing.”


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

NOAA: Global warming upped odds for deluge

Man-made climate change about doubled the chances for the type of heavy downpours that caused devastating Louisiana floods last month, a new federal study finds.

Baker Hughes cuts workers’ pay 5%

Certain groups, including top executives, global operations employees in U.S, many employees in chemicals operations and some human resources workers and sales people, exempt from cuts.

Can ‘Berry’ Dem Rader make runoff in the 3rd?

With eight Republicans in the race fighting over the same share of the electorate, general political interest has slowly turned to Democrat Larry Rader, a New Iberia insurance broker and president of the Port of Iberia.

Leadership Lafayette seeks next class

Leadership Lafayette has graduated more than 650 local participants who rank among the area’s CEOs, elected officials, executive directors and community-engaged citizens.

Are FEMA grant payments taxable?

The IRS has stated that qualified disaster relief payments (like FEMA grant payments) are not included in the income of individuals to the extent any expenses compensated by these payments are not otherwise compensated for by insurance or other reimbursement.

IRS offers tax help to La. businesses

The government has extended until Jan. 17 the deadline for companies and individual taxpayers in declared disaster areas to file returns and make certain tax payments.

Ideas for fiscal reform session coming soon

The task force charged with making tax and budget recommendations for next year’s regular session should have its report ready for legislative leaders by the end of the month.

Saints enter 2016 with questions

The Saints are coming off two straight 7-9 campaigns — their first consecutive losing seasons since Sean Payton became coach in 2006.


23,330 reasons why former Ragin’ Cajuns quarterback Brian Mitchell belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


This checklist will help as we focus on efforts to recover and rebuild homes and businesses across South Louisiana and protect ourselves against future disasters.

Keep It Simple

A beginner’s guide to fantasy football in the workplace

#PARTY GIRL - True Beauty

Beauty is getting real thanks to local makeup artist Ashley Breaux and her new line — Verite Beauty Luxury Cosmetics and Skincare.

Taste Test: Jambalaya

Arguably the most ambitious stage production ever to originate in Lafayette is ready to serve.

Fall funky footwear

A bevy of practical shoes has marched into the world of footwear.

You Want Ribs With That?

My heart swelled, my hangover dried up, and I regretted nothing more than not ordering a second rib.

Fall Into the ’90s

The era of “Friends” and Seattle grunge has returned with full-blown flannel and overalls to boot.


The Louisiana Family Forum’s dogged focus on culture war issues — and culture war issues alone — prevents it from actually addressing the real issues that face Louisiana families.


The floodwaters may have subsided, but the struggles of thousands of flood victims across South Louisiana will continue for weeks if not months.

RE: Bedroom Blues

Much of the flooded areas across South Louisiana share something in common — sprawl. But climate change connects it all.

It’s tailgating time!

Warm, dry weather has improved conditions of tailgating lots for Saturday game; setup begins Friday at 2 p.m.

Elections as homeland security?

Secretary of State Tom Schedler took part in a call to state officials around the country recently and asked Johnson if there was a credible threat. The answer was no.

On the Record: Matt Babineaux

The term no-frills isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Matt Babineaux illustrates that on his A Place to Fall, a seven-song debut featuring him gently dressing up his singer-songwriter rock with a no-frills approach.

Study finds union decline hurting all workers

Average weekly earnings for nonunion private-sector male workers would have been 5%, or $52, higher in 2013 if the share of union workers had remained at 1979 levels, study from left-leaning Economic Policy Institute finds.

Mobile precincts possible in November

Secretary of State Tom Schedler is preparing for the possibility of using mobile voting precincts in November, similar to what was employed following the 2005 hurricane season.

JohnPac opens Texas distribution center

Crowley-based company manufactures polypropylene from granulate to end product, creating everything from yarns to fabrics for products like bulk bags, small poly weave bags and BOPP bags.

Feds won’t block removal of New Orleans monument

Two federal agencies say they won't try to block the city of New Orleans' attempt to remove a monument to an 1874 white supremacist revolt against Louisiana's federally backed post-Civil War government.

C’est What, AG Landry?

The attention-hungry state attorney jumps into another head-scratcher of a dispute with his arch-rival, Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Horse Farm = flood aid Saturday

The weekly Saturday-morning farmer’s market at Moncus Park at the Horse Farm is doubling as a donation drive for flood victims tomorrow.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

JBE visits Youngsville

Every third or fourth house still had a pile of flood debris on the lawn, and occupants were still gutting and clearing damage.

Louisiana closely monitoring tropical weather

The governor said Wednesday he is “fervently praying” that a hurricane or tropical weather won’t hit the state. He added: “I would appreciate other people’s prayers as well.”

Ramblers’ ‘Revival’ raises storm funds

The Lost Bayou Ramblers are returning to their roots to help victims of historic South Louisiana flooding with a re-release of their maiden recording, which also happens to be a recording of their very first performance way back in 1999.

FEMA reps at Evangeline Thruway Home Depot

In Lafayette, FEMA mitigation specialists will be on hand to provide information at the Home Depot at 1700 NE Evangeline Thruway from Aug. 25 through Sept. 10.

Oh Henry, not again?

Onetime licensed architect turned unlicensed home builder bilks another client, lawsuit claims.

Council to consider emergency ordinances

Describing the current situation in the parish as “hazards to life, health, property and public safety,” the ordinances will allow Mayor Joel Robideaux to “enter into contracts exempt from the Louisiana Public Bid Law.”

Site reunites lost pets with owners

Tens of thousands of displaced Louisiana residents equals thousands of lost pets. A newly launched free website service aims to reunite the four-pawed diaspora with its human companions.

The semantics of property taxes

The council is poised to “raise” property taxes — or to keep them the same, depending on your perspective and your pocket book.

Editor’s Letter

Welcome to the new Acadiana Bride. This is not your momma’s guide to “I do.” This is your big day done your way with resources in print and online from a team of creative thinkers, including this newlywed.

President Obama visiting Baton Rouge next week

The president directed his team to coordinate with Louisiana officials to determine an appropriate time for him to visit, and together they decided he will arrive in Baton Rouge Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Trump tours flood damage

Casting his campaign chairman aside with just 11 weeks until Election Day, Donald Trump moved ahead with the reboot of his White House bid on Friday with a tour of flood-ravaged Louisiana.

NBA chooses New Orleans for 2017 All-Star Game

New Orleans replaces Charlotte, which was set to host the game until the NBA decided it wouldn't hold the event in North Carolina because of a state law that limits anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people.

Housing crisis looms in flood-stricken Louisiana

With an estimated 40,000 homes damaged by deadly flooding, Louisiana could be looking at its biggest housing crunch since the miserable, bumbling aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a decade ago.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

No sanctuary

Ten months after the "illegal immigration" presser that prompted The IND's public records request, City Marshal Brian Pope is indicted on five felony counts.

As floodwaters recede, disbelief mixes with determination

The smell of muddy water hung heavy in the air as people began sorting through waterlogged belongings and ripping out carpets Wednesday in flood-wracked southern Louisiana, which now faces a long-term challenge of how to house thousands of displaced people.

KATC, UW team up for telethon

Dubbed the Spirit of Acadiana Flood Relief Telethon, the fundraiser will air today, Wednesday, Aug. 17, from 4-7 p.m. on KATC TV3.

APP FOR DAT - Turnkey Title and Escrow

Made with features to cater to home buyers and sellers as well as lenders, the free-to-use app aids both homeowners and professionals in organizing and navigating the transaction process every step of the way.

APP FOR DAT - Blue Cross symptom checker

Customers using the Blue Cross mobile app can now search their symptoms by keyword or body area and see a suggested diagnosis and list of recommended treatments.

Rise and shine

After two days of a deluge, residents finally got a break Sunday when the sun shone, revealing the extent of the damage.

Angels Among Us

If you have a great startup idea and have done your homework, these Acadiana Angels want to hear from you.


Born in Lafayette, a young education tech company is maturing at a national level.


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And hackers. We have to fear hackers, too.” — FDR (if he’d been inaugurated in 2017)


Lafayette began seeding a high-tech playing field more than a century ago, and it’s now paying off with a growing roster of major-league companies.

Thousands in shelters across SoLa

The weather had improved from the torrential downpours that began Friday but rivers and creeks in many areas were still way above flood stage, and people downstream eyed the deluge with concern.

I-49 at the Crossroads

Lessons learned from the LUS Fiber fight and Lafayette’s airport tax are germane to the Connector.

Enter the drones

Aerial footage shows just how bad the flooding has been.


As the state’s new Connector chief, Tim Nickel aims to manage the project’s competing parts by managing expectations.

ABiz Scene

A cocktail hour kicked off a special dinner for Jennifer Adcock and seven of her lucky guests, who were wined and dined with shrimp, frog legs, figs and other seasonal Louisiana delights Aug. 1 at E

Governor declares state of emergency

Widespread flooding across central South Louisiana — and the prospect of much more rain to come through Saturday — prompted Gov. John Bel Edwards Friday morning to make the declaration.

App St., Arkansas St. look like Sun Belt’s best

"All our indicators are trending upward," Sun Belt commissioner Karl Benson said recently. "Why not 2016 becoming the year that the Sun Belt champion plays in Dallas (on) Jan. 2" in the Cotton Bowl?

On the Spot: Porch Squad

The four member hip-hop group LOADED Team Porch Squad hit their fourth anniversary this past July — a feat for any non-roots group in Lafayette.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Forever Griff

Memorial aims to celebrate beloved UL professor’s efforts to preserve 100-acre Horse Farm for posterity.

Gulf Coast Young Professionals Summit begins this Thursday

The 2nd Annual Gulf Coast Young Professionals Summit will be held this Thursday and Friday, Aug. 11 - 12, at the UL Lafayette Student Union with the goal of producing action-oriented thoughts leaders who are poised to lead locally, regionally and nationally.

Festivals Acadiens to fête dancehalls

South Louisiana’s disappearing dancehalls will be highlighted during the 2016 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, which is set for Oct. 13-16 at Girard Park.

LFF scorecard suggests conservative trend

Looking ahead to 2017, LFF President Gene Mills said it’s still early but his group’s developing issues agenda includes criminal justice reform, a “saner” school bathroom policy and end-of-life proposals.

Senators urge speed on Medicaid contract

Senate Health and Welfare Chairman Fred Mills said he and his committee are pushing state officials to make a decision soon on how to move forward with Louisiana’s massive Medicaid processing contract.

Councilman: Lafayette Parish is broke

Long a proponent of city of Lafayette self-determination, Bruce Conque lays out how why Lafayette Consolidated Government isn’t really consolidated at all.

Parc Lafayette: Pokemon ‘No’!

Complaints from some of the development’s retailers about “strange-looking people” prompted management to contact the app’s developer and ask it to remove Parc Lafayette from the game.

Cane Fire Film Series presents ’Zero Days’

Zero Days is the most comprehensive accounting to date of how a clandestine mission hatched by two allies with clashing agendas forever opened the Pandora’s Box of cyberwarfare.

The Big Oil blame game

It was once seen a career killer for politicians in a state where the industry employs up to 300,000 people and injects $73 billion into the economy. Until now.

Heaving on the Bayou

On “Archipelago” Melody Parker promises pop music infused with "Cajun" influences. She doesn’t deliver.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

AG Jeff Landry: politics as usual

Why in the world would a black Democrat also-ran in last year’s attorney general election throw her support behind the Tea Party firebrand in the runoff? Surely not to get her daughter a job.

Home Bank CFO honored for public service

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Aug. 5-6 is Louisiana’s annual Sales Tax Holiday

Shoppers will pay three percent sales tax rather than the full five percent. The discount applies to many purchases, including back-to-school supplies, electronics, furniture and most other retail items.

Louisiana super PACs slow to take off

A few of the home-brewed super PACs created in Louisiana to support candidates in the fall U.S. Senate race experienced a very bumpy second quarter of fundraising this year.

Of Chief Importance

Lafayette is poised to appoint a police chief to lead us into a post-Ferguson future. It’s critically important we get this right.

Pope & His Posse

Long before coming under criminal investigation and getting slapped with more than $100,000 in civil fines and penalties, City Marshal Brian Pope mastered the art of political patronage. Just ask his legion of reserve deputies.


In a crowded 3rd District race, it nonetheless remains choppy water for Democrats.

Laws Above the Law

This month Louisiana will officially activate two laws addressing police interaction with the public, drafted and passed with what critics say was knee-jerk rashness and inattention to detail.


A Northside High grad and UL Lafayette criminal justice student, Bri’s cover of a song earned her a million views on YouTube.

All About the Smile

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, the latest and greatest for getting a killer smile is coming from both a return to the basics and the use of cutting edge technology and better materials.

The Real Housewives OF LAFAYETTE

School’s back and all the mommas say, “Amen!” Celebrate the sweet freedom in style with cold shoulder dresses, vivid print shorts and striped palazzo pants. Cheers to keeping it hot in the.

Just Breathe

New implant may be a game-changer for those battling sleep apnea.

RE: Our New Normal

Lafayette spent 20 years drunk on high oil prices and emerging industries. Is it time for the hangover?

Judge: Ackal cannot carry gun

Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal already is prohibited from possessing firearms following his indictment, but his attorney says recent killings of police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas demonstrate he needs a gun to protect himself.

Hakeem Nicks joins Saints receiver corps

The 28-year-old, who posted 1,000-yard seasons in 2010 and 2011, has been far less productive since and likely will need to demonstrate the promise of a resurgence to make the regular season roster.

Letter: Bishop should release names of pedophile priests

Let us watch and see whether a man who invoked the word “transparency” will simply do the right thing and release the names of sex abusing priests that his four predecessors have wrongfully shielded from the public.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Gulf Brew returns this Saturday

The countdown to Gulf Brew 2016 is on as Acadiana’s largest beer festival returns on Saturday, July 30 at Blackham Coliseum from 6 - 9 p.m.

Vanessa V. without Vanessa

Former manager Lindsey Falgout assumes ownership of popular women’s clothing and accessories store.

Energized white supremacists cheer Trump message

Seizing on that energy, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke on Friday announced a bid for the Senate. The Louisiana Republican likened his policies on trade and immigration to Trump's in an announcement video.

La.’s federal races crammed with candidates

On the Nov. 8 ballot in Louisiana there will be 63 different candidates running in seven federal races for the U.S House and Senate, meaning voters will have plenty of names to choose from — possibly more than any other time in recent history.

La. may need short-term loan for temporary cash flow

The state usually borrows from its own savings accounts until tax collections and other payments roll in, but former Gov. Bobby Jindal and lawmakers raided many of those accounts to patch together prior budgets.

On the Record: Jim Pharis

Sure to Offend’s cuts are live, non-overdubbed tracks of just Pharis and his guitar, with him utilizing his raw finger-picking style to weave vignettes and half-indictments of the current state of the nation.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Super PAC bows out of U.S. Senate race

A super PAC that was formed to support the U.S. Senate candidacy of Treasurer John Kennedy has been disbanded and its money has been transferred to a national conservative advocacy group.

Lafayette cops feel the love

Appreciation bags, complementary lunches, notes, new equipment — and of course donuts (!) — the LPD receives an outpouring of appreciation from the Hub City.

Truston Technologies awarded two patents

First patent enhances the offshore cargo transfer between deeper draft vessels and smaller vessels and second patent supplements coastal protection measures in areas with low-density soils.

LCG scrambles to outfit cops

The City-Parish Council has added an emergency meeting to Tuesday’s regular agenda in order to make available money to purchase safety equipment for the Lafayette Police Department.

‘Why Alfred’ will rise again

The coalition of residents seeking relocation of the monument to Confederate Gen. Alfred Mouton from a prominent Downtown plaza is meeting regularly and planning long-term.

Time for tough, frank conversations about race

Is Lafayette's sense of community strong enough to insulate it against what's been playing out nationally in recent weeks as people take to the streets in protest of yet another round of fatal police shootings of black males?

Medicaid expansion reaches 250K in La.

Louisiana is the first state in the Deep South — and the 31st state nationwide — to expand its Medicaid program under the health law championed by President Barack Obama.

A $12.5 billion task

Where do you start to clean up a transportation mess over 11,000 miles long?

GOP leads in La.’s US Senate race fundraising

Republican contenders for Louisiana's U.S. Senate seat are outraising their Democratic opponents and sitting on more cash in their campaign accounts for the November election, as the race's profile rises with the candidate signup period next week.

ABiz Scene: State of the Economy

LEDA’s Gregg Gothreaux delivered his fifth annual State of the Economy speech at the Cajundome Convention Center June 16.

Oh, that’s rich, Sheriff Ackal

The anti-Semitic Iberia lawman facing civil rights charges for allegedly orchestrating the beatings of inmates clutches his pearls after an employee posts a racially charged comment to social media.

Resilience and Recovery

Despite an extremely challenging year brought on by a severe downturn in the oil and gas industry, Acadian Cos. assumes the No. 1 spot on this year’s list.

Not a Shadow of a Doubt

Despite our current economic struggles, diversification and technology ensure that Lafayette and Acadiana will bounce back stronger than ever.

And the Plaza Thickens

The vacant megaclub tests the real-world implications of Downtown’s bar moratorium.

Disturbing Development

An ongoing legal battle between the developers of Ambassador Town Center and a group of wealthy landowners appears to stem directly from a Louisiana tax law loophole that can be exploited — if you know the game and how to play it.


New hires, promotions and more from the Acadiana business community

More Than a Lemonade Stand

A bad taste in his mouth leads a retired Lafayette pharmacist to perfect a recipe that has become a successful family business.

LPD chief list whittled to nine

The Lafayette Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board met Thursday to review the list of candidates vying for the top post at the Lafayette Police Department and scrubbed five of the 14 candidates because they did not meet requirements for the job.

Edwards heads to Iowa for governors’ meeting

According to the meeting agenda, discussions are scheduled on trade, agriculture, renewable energy, opioid addiction, attracting foreign investment and computer science and technology education for children.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Higher ed officials face tuition issues

As voters prepare to decide on the Nov. 8 ballot whether university systems in Louisiana should be allowed to set their own tuition, officials on the community and technical college level have already made a decision not to increase rates.

Your move, Mr. Robideaux

A few hundred well-to-do folks inconvenienced by bike lanes on West Bayou Parkway want them removed. More than 2,000 cycling enthusiasts want them to remain. What ya gonna do, mayor?

La. transportation task force meets Tuesday

Legislative, industry and business leaders are on the panel, which means any agreement also backed by Gov. John Bel Edwards stands a good chance of becoming reality.

Protests over police killings aim to occupy interstates

Riot police in full gear stopped a group of protesters in Baton Rouge from walking onto an interstate on Sunday evening, thwarting a protest tactic that social justice activists have increasingly tried in several U.S. cities.

Initial unemployment claims in La. decline

The state labor department figures released Friday show the initial claims fell to 2,871 from the previous week's total of 2,966. For the comparable week a year earlier, there were 2,707.

US rig count edges up

The number of rigs exploring for oil and natural gas in the U.S. increased by nine this week to 440. A year ago, 863 rigs were active.

Cane Fire Film Series presents ‘Raiders’

The Cane Fire Film Series presents Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, on Monday, July 11, at 7:30 p.m. at the Acadiana Center for the Arts, located at 101 W. Vermilion St., in Downtown Lafayette.

On the Spot: Frank Kincel

Frank Kincel laid the back beat for bands like The Bluerunners, The Fusebox and Modern Jazz Movement. Now he’s turned his knowledge of the skins into LA BackBeat, making drumsticks out of a shop in Freetown.

Baton Rouge: racist hellhole?

The shooting death of Alton Sterling is just the latest evidence that Louisiana’s capital city is still in need of some reconstruction.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

C’est Bon: Loreauville’s floating dock

The village of Loreauville on the banks of Bayou Teche is the latest to receive a floating canoe and kayak launch as part of the Bayou Teche National Water Trail.

School board digs in heels on Pledge of Allegiance

Despite advice from legal counsel that its policy requiring students to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance is unenforceable and unconstitutional, the Lafayette Parish School Board voted 8-1 Wednesday to keep the policy on the books.

Wedding Budget

2-3%GIFTS: wedding party, guests, welcome bags, etc.RINGS: rings and engraving costsCEREMONY: site rental, officiant, marriage license8%MISCELLANEOUS8-10%ATTIRE: wedding dress, veil, jewelry, ha

Meese endorses Rees in 3rd CD race

Edwin Meese, a former confident of President Ronald Reagan who served for four years as The Gipper’s attorney general, has endorsed Grover Joseph Rees in the race to replace U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany.

Immaculate Heart closes its doors

Local Catholic school closes amid insufficient number of families paying tuition and inadequate "resources to sustain its operations despite being subsidized by the Diocese and the Parish."

JBE: State will review movie credit program

The announcement came on the same day the Associated Press reported that Louisiana’s robust film industry is down about 90 percent this year after the state winded down the tax credit program last summer.

Ugh in service of ahhh

Louisiana is getting a $60 million federal grant to complete a nearly 15-mile pavement replacement and lane addition project between the Interstate 10/I-49 interchange and the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

Feds open probe into deadly BR police shooting

The U.S. Justice Department opened a federal civil rights investigation Wednesday into the videotaped police killing of a black man who was shot as officers wrestled with him on the pavement outside a convenience store.

Man describes taking video of BR police shooting

Arthur Reed told The Associated Press that on the day of Alton Sterling's death, two teams of people drove to the scene, outside a convenience store, after hearing about the incident on police radio.

Former LHA director receives national award

Katie Anderson, who was hired in 2011 to clean up Walter Guillory’s mess at the troubled Lafayette Housing Authority and was then dismissed at the expiration of her contract on May 31, recently received the Charles L. Farris Award from the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials.

Governor transitioning from sessions to policies

With three lawmaking sessions of the Legislature behind him, you can expect Gov. John Bel Edwards to start focusing on policies and politics of his own, beginning with the state’s Medicaid expansion.

Sans incentives, Hollywood exits La. en masse

Louisiana's once-booming film industry — dubbed "Hollywood South" — was off by as much as 90 percent this past year, a drop attributed to the state's decision to wind down its generous incentives.

Incentive attitudes shifting in Baton Rouge

After years of generosity with tax breaks and subsidies, Louisiana’s leaders are taking a new approach with business, responding to years of budget problems with scaled back support for companies and questions about the value of such investments.

Sip and See at Entre Nous

A June “Sip and See” at Entre Nous in the Oil Center featured Lafayette artist Delie Putnam.

Feel the Tropics

Beat the heat in flirty florals of the palm variety with tropical flowers, beautiful leaves and a dose of Miami that’s unmistakable. Just add straw fedora.

Hurry up and wait

DOTD spooked Connector supporters by doing the one thing they set out to avoid: The right thing.

Pill Paradox

We’re conditioned to believe if it’s prescribed by a doctor it’s OK, but opioids, while legally available, are as dangerous as heroin.

Legislative Resolve

The Louisiana Legislature has been ideologically partisan, no doubt, but never more so than in a little-known resolution that was quietly passed in May.


A pair of popular Lafayette basketball coaches will sling cocktails for a great cause.

Independence Day Style

Let freedom ring in the most beautiful of ways — in every color of the RAINBOW — this Independence Day. And every day. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. And then a little RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Neustrom hones in on mental illness

In one of the last major initiatives of his 16-year administration, Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mike Neustrom turned the office's focus toward changing our approach to the mentally ill.


Endoscopic brain surgery is a quick procedure with less risk and a quicker recovery, and it’s finally available here in Lafayette.


Acadiana moms can now download a smartphone application designed just for them.


Women’s & Children’s Hospital welcomes back Acadiana’s only board-certified pediatric surgeons and neurologist.

Holding the Front Line

With a massive shortage around the corner, LGMC’s Nurse Residency Program aims to keep first-year nurses from fleeing.


Artist helps juvenile detainees channel their emotions through spoken-word poetry.

On the Spot: Chistopher Deshazo

Deshazo talks about his new band, Durwoord, which makes its debut July 2 with The Butchers and Cathead Biscuit Boys at the Blue Moon.

La. first state in Deep South to expand Medicaid

More than 233,000 people — largely the working poor — have been enrolled so far in the government-financed insurance coverage offered under the health law championed by President Barack Obama.

A tale of two sheriffs

Unlike our friends in Iberia Parish, Lafayette has been fortunate to have a sheriff who has valued integrity and innovation for nearly two decades.


Acadiana’s Independence Day Weekend Nightlife Guide

Bike lane petitioners cite congestion, hazards, low use

The roughly 235 residents who signed a petition seeking removal of the bike lanes along West Bayou Parkway say the elimination of the center turn lane between Roselawn Boulevard and South College Drive has led to dangerous driving conditions.

LSU mascot Mike VI will be hard to replace

In past years, LSU has gotten its tigers from zoos or from two animal sanctuaries, both of which have since been shut down by the federal government for failing to provide proper care.

State to focus on young students

Louisiana's latest push to improve student achievement will focus in part on why some of the state's youngest students are failing to master basic skills.

Home Bancorp named to prestigious benchmark

The Lafayette-based parent company of Home Bank has been named to the Russell 3000® Index, an industry-leading measurement of the performance of the 3,000 largest US-traded stocks based on market capitalization.

Piker joins JD as VP

"He’s really going to work with the farmers in this region as we do all we can to help them achieve their goals.”

LQT Industries awarded three O/G projects

In a positive sign for a struggling oil patch, Broussard-based LQT Industries announced Tuesday contracts on three projects to fabricate and outfit modular buildings and specialty equipment for oil and gas operators.

Richmond, Scalise swing for the fence

Richmond, left, and Scalise during batting practice prior to the June 23 gameU.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Jefferson and Congressman Cedric Richmond of New Orleans represented Louisiana on

Whistleblower takes to the airwaves

Louisiana landman-turned-whistleblower Dan Collins was featured on Mike Stagg's local podcast "Where the Alligators Roam" as the program’s first guest after being picked up by KPEL News 96.5 FM.

Six constitutional changes on Nov. ballot

All the amendment proposals will be on the Nov. 8 ballot at the same time voters are choosing a new president, the person to fill an open U.S. Senate seat and the state's six U.S. House members.

Bike lane battle begins

An online petition seeks to counter a petition submitted to the mayor urging him to remove the bike lanes on West Bayou Parkway.

Roots Camp coming in July

Louisiana Folk Roots and the Comeaux Memorial Endowed Chair in Traditional Music have announced the inaugural Roots Camp for ages 14-17 starting from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, July 25-27, in Angelle Hall on the UL Lafayette campus.

State GOP gets its day in court

Oral arguments were scheduled last week for the challenge by the Republican Party of Louisiana to provisions of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law that, the party argues, “disadvantage state political parties as compared to super PACs.”

Administration splits with unions on bill

On the final day of the second special session last week it went largely overlooked that Gov. John Bel Edwards signed into law HB 887, despite appeals from the teachers unions to veto it.

State announces changes to Industrial Tax Exemption

On the heels of a scathing report detailing how an un-elected board forgives billions in annual corporate property taxes that would otherwise go to schools and police at a cost of roughly half a million dollars for every job created, Louisiana Economic Development has announced changes to the program.

Report: Former Gov. Blanco to get star treatment

A celebrity gossip website is reporting that Hollywood star Julia Roberts is in discussions to play former Gov. Kathleen Blanco in a television bio-pic centered on Blanco’s handling of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

3rd Circuit rejects Marshal Pope

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal has denied a writ filed by City Marshal Brian Pope seeking a review of the judgment handed down against him by District Court Judge Jules Edwards on March 24.

On the Record: Tortue

Longtime Lafayette musicians Danny Kimball, Phil Kaelin, Blake Castille and Lee Tedrow elevate guitar rock to the level of political and social consciousness with an ear for history.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Rob Reardon says ’so long’ to LPSO

With Mark Garber set to take the reins of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office on July 1, longtime Director of Corrections Rob Reardon has made a surprising announcement, saying he'll be following Sheriff Mike Neustrom when he leaves office at month's end.

Senate spending plan prioritizes colleges, cuts K-12 schools

Behind the scenes, Gov. John Bel Edwards and Senate President John Alario were trying to persuade lawmakers, particularly House Republican leaders, to agree to more tax changes, to further boost revenue in the financial year that begins July 1.

LPSS’ Brad Duhon’s days are numbered

The lone casualty in that May 25 (non) incident involving Judice Middle School teachers, a privately contracted school bus and an end-of-school celebration has three options: resign, be canned or become a bus driver.

New study underscores the supply-side swindle in La.

Through an un-elected, largely unaccountable board called the Commerce & Industry Board, Louisiana is forgiving roughly $16.7 billion in local governments’ property tax revenue for a cost of about $535,000 per job created.

State collecting on un-met business incentives

Over the past 24 months 15 companies have paid back to Louisiana Economic Development $8.3 million in reimbursements to the state for up-front business incentives because the companies did not measure up to expectations outlined in their cooperative endeavor agreements.

Dog’s Day Out fundraiser benefits local animal shelters

As part of their “Dog’s Day Out” event on Saturday, June 25 from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m., Ranch Outlet will be donating two tons of dog food to area animal shelters. The event offers dog owners a chance to pamper their pets and all proceeds from the event will go to local animal shelters.

House votes for more tax changes

Louisiana House members agreed Monday to raise $70 million more for next year's budget by lessening business tax breaks, then divvied up all the money raised in the tax special session with a spending plan to give most of it to education and health care.

U.S. Senate forums stacking up

To participate candidates must be polling at at 5 percent or higher in a survey that will be commissioned by Raycom Media and its partners after qualifying.

Boudreaux puts ethics probe behind him

The city-parish councilman held a press conference at City Hall Monday morning to announce that the Louisiana Board of Ethics had cleared him of any wrongdoing during his former employment with the district attorney’s office.

ASO announces 2016-2017 season

The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra has announced its 32nd concert season that will begin with a five-year artistic vision exploring the relationship between orchestral sounds and different areas of science, specifically the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math– or STEAM for short.

Fleming responds to Boustany’s Facebook gaffe

The pair of Louisiana U.S. Senate candidates most likely to cancel each other out in November have stumbled into a row that started with an errant thumb and some off-hand comments broadcast live over social media.

La. jobless claims fall

The state labor department figures released Friday show the initial claims fell to 3,445 from the previous week's total of 3,590. For the comparable week a year earlier, there were 2,888.

On the Record: Bri

Most of Briana Babineaux's songs fall under the stylistic umbrella of contemporary urban gospel — with a few departures here and there — and all of it is well produced.


Acadiana’s Weekend Nightlife Guide

Bill to raise $100M-plus advances in House

To get the bill out of the Ways and Means Committee, lawmakers agreed to make the tax break reduction a short-term loan to the state. Louisiana would be on the hook for paying back as much as $257 million to taxpayers in two years.

LAE mobilizes against school bill

House Bill 887, approved overwhelmingly during the regular session, is on Gov. John Bel Edwards’ desk awaiting his signature — or his veto.


Despite the downturn, many local real estate professionals remain optimistic, saying the Lafayette area is experiencing a much-needed correction.

Edwards signs cursive writing mandate

The measure requires public schools, including charter schools, to introduce cursive writing instruction by third grade. Instruction will have to continue through 12th grade.


It remains to be seen whether Bell Helicopter’s decision to change operations at Lafayette Regional Airport constitutes a breach of contract.

ABiz Scene: Opening of CGI’s information technology center

CGI celebrated the opening of its $13.1 million, 50,000-square-foot information technology center at UL Lafayette’s Research Park, a facility that will eventually house 400 IT workers. The tech firm currently employs 250 technology workers and has 50 job openings.


Charles Fenstermaker has been elevated to CFO of Fenstermaker & Associates following the retirement of longtime CFO Dan Lavergne, who held the post for 18 years.

Climbing the Ladder

SLCC’s new scaffolding program holds promise for both immediate work and advancement.

House mulls compromise on income tax bill

The compromise would involve making the bill temporary and including a mechanism to shrink the money raised from the bill if other taxes bring in more than expected.

Suit targets LUS payments to LCG

It could, if successful, force LUS to stop making ILOT payments to LCG, which would represent a crippling hit to Lafayette Consolidated Government’s revenue stream in an era of plummeting sales tax collections.

Clock running on sales tax flub

Money would have to paid from April 1 to the effective date of the legislation lawmakers are expected to pass in the special session that convenes Monday.

Captain Clay shows his softer side

In a filmed encounter with artist Jake Hebert, we learn that Higgins is a far more complicated figure than his infamous Crime Stoppers videos indicate.

Beam: GOP derailing tax proposals

Once again, longtime American Press columnist emerges as voice of reason in debate over how to plug the state’s $600 million shortfall.

On The Record: Viatones

Despite your frame of mind, your job prospects, the day you had at work, it is undeniable how stellar the Viatones sophomore effort is.

Initial unemployment claims in La. climb

The state labor department figures released Friday show the initial claims rose to 3,590 from the previous week's total of 3,138. For the comparable week a year earlier, there were 3,368.


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Governor approves Lafayette assessor car allowance

Conrad ComeauxLafayette Parish Assessor Conrad Comeaux can soon receive a car allowance on top of the position's six-figure salary, under a bill signed by Gov. John Bel Edwards.The governor's offi