Acadiana Business

Seeking Top 50, women in biz nominations

by Leslie Turk

ABiz is seeking nominations for its annual Top 50 Privately Held Companies feature, which will be published July 26, and for its annual issue honoring the role of women in the local business community. ABiz is seeking nominations for its annual Top 50 Privately Held Companies feature, which will be published July 26, and for its annual issue honoring the role of women in the local business community.

To qualify for the Top 50 list, companies must be headquartered in the six-parish region and cannot be a subsidiary of an entity based out of the region. Businesses will be ranked by gross revenues. While voluntary participation from companies is greatly appreciated, it is not essential to the success of the project, one of the largest annual undertakings of ABiz. Our staff utilizes various resources to bring to ABiz readers the kind of comprehensive list of activity you can't find elsewhere at such a critical time for the business community.

Bill Fenstermaker and Kam Movassaghi of Fenstermaker, No. 41 on last year's list of Acadiana's Top 50 Privately Held Companies

View last year's issue, including profiles of several of the companies that landed a spot, here. Acadiana's publicly traded companies will also be ranked by revenues.

Co-presented by the law firm of Allen & Gooch and Whitney Bank, with supporting sponsors Acadiana Economic Development Council and Alford Staples Lapeyre & Robichaux Insurance, a luncheon to honor the companies is scheduled for early August at the Cajundome Convention Center from 11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. (the specific date will be announced soon). We will also announce a handful of awards that day, among which is an honor for the CEO of the top ranked company, and the AEDC will present a special business award as well.

Email the names of companies you would like to nominate for Top 50 to Leslie Turk at [email protected] (please put Top 50 and the company name in the subject line).

For a Top 50 Privately Held Companies nomination form, which must be returned to both Turk and Erin Zaunbrecher at [email protected], click here.

Coming from ABiz Aug. 30 is our annual issue dedicated to the role women play in shaping our community's success. Each fall ABiz profiles up to 10 inspiring women from across the community - business, politics, education, non-profits - who are still active in their careers and recognized for their professionalism, entrepreneurship, civic involvement and community leadership. We also honor a small group of trailblazers who are retired or semi-retired and helped pave the way for succeeding generations of women. The Women Who Mean Business honorees and trailblazers will be featured as a cover story in the August-September issue of ABiz, which publishes Aug. 30.

**Dolores Cormier-Zenon, 2011 WWMB honoree

The premier recognition for women of influence in Acadiana, this is the 15th year for the inspiring event and awards luncheon that attracts more than 350 people. Co-presented by IberiaBank and LHC Group, with supporting sponsor Dr. Ken Odinet and Courtesy Automotive Group, the 2011 luncheon is Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 11:45 a.m. at River Oaks on Kaliste Saloom Road.

Nominations for this year's awards may be submitted by e-mail to [email protected]; please include WWMB Award in the subject line. Submit via fax to 337.983.0150 or by mail to 551 Jefferson St., Lafayette, LA 70501. The deadline is July 16. View last year's WWMB cover story here and the list of past winners here:

Evelina Abdalla 2004 Trailblazer

Irma Abdalla 2004 Trailblazer
Catherine Abdalla 2008 WWMB
Jeanette Alcon 2007 WWMB
Penny Angelle Frederick 2009 WWMB
Lise Anne 2001 WWMB
Beth Ardoin 2003 WWMB
Elisabeth Arnold 2011 WWMB
Kathy Ashworth 2010 WWMB
Sara Ashy 2004 WWMB
Sandy Austin Mugnier 2006 Trailblazer
Dana Baker 2011 WWMB
Vergie Banks 2007 WWMB
Megan Barra 2005 WWMB
Mary Jane Bauer 2001 WWMB
Kit Becnel 2009 WWMB
Kathleen Blanco 1999 WWMB
Kathy Bobbs 2005 WWMB
Holly Boffy 2011 WWMB
Elise Bouchner 2007 WWMB
Francie Bouillion, Judge 1999 WWMB
Marianne Bourgeois 2010 WWMB
Nada Breaux 2001 WWMB
Judy Briscoe 2009 WWMB
Jerry Caillier 2008 Trailblazer
Julie Calzone 2008 WWMB
Paula Carson, Ph.D. 2007 WWMB
Carleen Castille 1999 WWMB
Marilyn Castle, Judge 2008 WWMB
Je'Nelle Chargois 2004 WWMB
Lucy Chenevert 2009 WWMB
Camille Claibourne 2002 WWMB
Patricia Colbert-Cormier 2005 WWMB
Dolores Cormier-Zenon 2011 WWMB
Anne Darrah 2011 WWMB
Isabella dela Houssaye, Mayor 2002 WWMB
Rebecca Doherty 2007 WWMB
Rebecca Dupuis 2001 WWMB
Phyllis A. Dupuis, Ph.D. 2007 WWMB
Sydnie Mae Durand, Rep. 2006 WWMB
Elaine Durbin Abell 2006 WWMB
Michele Ezell 2006 WWMB
Stephanie Finley 2006 WWMB
Shirley Fisher 2007 Trailblazer
Sue Fontenot 2009 WWMB
Becky Fontenot Lalumia 2005 WWMB
Ouida Forsyth 2006 WWMB
Marcelle Fortier Citron 2008 Trailblazer
Kiki Frayard 2011 WWMB
Louise Frederick 2004 WWMB
Carolyn French, Ph.D. 2000 WWMB
Gloria Frost 2000 WWMB
Dawn Fuqua 2002 WWMB
Mary Galyean 2003 WWMB
Valerie Garrett 2010 WWMB
Kay Gibson 2000 WWMB
Elizabeth Guglielmo Picard 2004 WWMB
Karen Hail 2007 WWMB
Christina Harper 2007 WWMB
Cherie Hebert 2004 WWMB
Jodi Hebert 2004 WWMB
Mary Ellen Henry 2011 WWMB
Merline Herbert 2004 WWMB
Diane Hoffpauer 2004 WWMB
Geraldine Hubbell 2000 WWMB
Kathlyn Hurst 2010 Trailblazer
Phyllis M. Keaty, Judge 2002 WWMB
Judy Keller 1999 WWMB
Valerie Keller 2008 WWMB
Lou King Patin 2006 WWMB
Beth Knight 2002 WWMB
Gloria Knox 2001 WWMB
Jeannie Kreamer, Ph.D. 1999 WWMB
Gail LaFosse 2003 WWMB
Donna Landry 2001 WWMB
Dr. Ann Laurent 2009 WWMB
Jewell Lowe 2005 Trailblazer
Betty Lowry 2006 Trailblazer
Jackie Lyle 2004 WWMB
Michelle MacFadyen 2008 WWMB
Bonnie Blue Maillet 2003 WWMB
Susannah Malbreaux 2009 WWMB
Melinda Mangham 2008 WWMB
Elaine Mann 2009 Trailblazer
Johnnie Marks 2009 WWMB
Dr. Angela Mayeux-Hebert 2007 WWMB
Colleen McDaniel 2010 WWMB
Margaret McMillian 2005 Trailblazer
Flo Meadows 2005 WWMB
Karla Meche 2004 WWMB
Ruth Ann Menutis 2008 WWMB
Renee Miller 2001 WWMB
Bridget Mires 2003 WWMB
Darla Montgomery 2001 WWMB
Sharon Moss 1999 WWMB
Sylvia Mouton 2002 WWMB
Diane Mouton-Allen 2005 WWMB
Mary Neiheisel 2008 WWMB
Pat Olson 2002 WWMB
Jeanette Parker, Ph.D. 2010 Trailblazer
Cathi Pavy 2004 WWMB
Maria Placer 1999 WWMB
Bonnie Robert Will 2009 WWMB
Renee Roberts 2008 WWMB
Barbara Rogers 2011 WWMB
Gail Romero 2000 WWMB
Carol Ross 2003 WWMB
Chanda Rubin 2008 Trailblazer
Jaci Russo 2010 WWMB
Catherine Schoeffler 2005 WWMB
Dorothy Scott 1999 WWMB
Ruby Sharlow 2000 WWMB
Geralyn Shelvin, Ph.D. 2011 WWMB
Annette Simon 2000 WWMB
Julie Simon-Dronet 2001 WWMB
Sue Soileau Brignac 2010 WWMB
Lisa Stafford 2011 WWMB
Dr. Juliette Tina Stefanski 2006 WWMB
Judy Stelly 1999 WWMB
Kelly Strenge 2001 WWMB
Melinda Sylvester 2006 WWMB
Cheryl Taylor Bowie 2006 WWMB
Julieta Terazona 2003 WWMB
Deborah Terribile 2002 WWMB
Juanita Thibeaux 2010 WWMB
Jacque' Toliver 2003 WWMB
Deidre Toups 2009 WWMB
Margaret Trahan 2002 WWMB
Nancy Van Eaton Broussard 2000 WWMB
Linda Vincent Broussard 2004 WWMB
Sarah Walker 2010 WWMB
Sally Ware 2011 Trailblazer
Kris Wartelle 2005 WWMB
Mary Washington 2000 WWMB
Cathy Webre 2003 WWMB
Mary Ann Wilson, Ph.D. 2010 WWMB
Janet Wood 2000 WWMB
Natalee Wood Farasey 2006 WWMB