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ABiz Scene June/July 2012

**Sixth Annual Gentlemen's Dinner
**Photos by Elizabeth Rose
Over a hundred movers and shakers from across the State gathered at Pamplona Tapas Bar for the Sixth Annual Gentlemen's Dinner. Hosted by the gentlemen who attended, the event celebrated 200 years of Louisiana's history. Executive Chef Kevin Hawkins and Craig Crosby presented an impressive array of tapas complimented by superior Spanish wines, liquors and expertly-crafted cocktails. The cocktail hour followed with a welcome by Adam Lemoine and Joey Durel, an invocation in French by Monsignor Robert "Bob" Angelle, and a Toast and Roast by Fred Mills, Mike Michot and Paul Segura.

The event began seven years ago as a gathering to allow the gentlemen to break away from their everyday lives, visit with friends, reconnect with old ones and meet with new ones from all regions of the state. The men in attendance are committed to improving the State by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders to shape Louisiana's regional, global and industry agendas. This year's event was the biggest one yet, with attendees from seven of the eight regions of Louisiana


Chris Roy, Jr., Albin Provosty, Darrell Bradley, Jacques Roy and Allen Smith


Dr. Kal Veerina and Don Bacque

![DSC_0676](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0676.jpg)

Allen Smith, Adam Lemoine and Mark Romero

![DSC_0678](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0678.JPG)

Jacques Roy, Joey Durel and Randy Roach

![DSC_0679](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0679.JPG)

David Wilson and Jim McGehee

![DSC_0682](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0682.jpg)

Robbie Bush, Joey Durel and Greg Ellison

![DSC_0684](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0684.JPG)

Mike Michot, Gary Keller, Jimmy Mallia, Eric Lafleur and Andre Frugé

![DSC_0687](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0687.jpg)

Jerry Prejean and Kyle Braniff

![DSC_0689](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0689.jpg)

Adam Lemoine and Mark Landry

![DSC_0708](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0708.JPG)

Chris Haik and Jason Wilson

![DSC_0692](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0692.JPG)

Adam Lemoine, Jacques Roy, Allen Smith and Chris Roy Jr.

![DSC_0693](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0693.jpg)

Bob Miller and Geoff Daily

![DSC_0696](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0696.JPG)

Rachel Whittle, Steve May and Laura Hebert

![DSC_0698](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0698.JPG)

Chad Cole and Frank Slavich

![DSC_0700](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0700.jpg)

Rob Crouchet, Gary Hebert and Charles Cornay

![DSC_0702](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0702.jpg)

Jady Regard and Sean Ezell

![DSC_0704](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0704.jpg)

Jimmy Mallia, Jerry Prejean and Conrad Comeaux

![DSC_0710](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0710.JPG)

Gary Keller, Msgr. Bob Angelle and Lenny Lemoine

![DSC_0713](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0713.JPG)

Bill Fenstermaker, Gary Keller and Bill Slaughter

![DSC_0715](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0715.jpg)

Dr. Mohit Srivastava and Darrell Bradley

![DSC_0721](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0721.JPG)

Nicole Touchet, Rachel Whittle, Laura Hebert and Brionnie Andrews

![DSC_0723](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0723.JPG)

Rachel Whittle and John Panaro

![DSC_0725](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0725.JPG)

Nicole Touchet, Laura Hebert, Adam Lemoine, Rachel Whittle
and Brionnie Andrews

![DSC_0727](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0727.JPG)

Mark Ackal, Jerry Prejean and Matthew Breaux

![DSC_0718](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0718.JPG)

Al Boudreaux, Garland Jean Baptiste, Raymond Hebert, Dr. Bernard Frugé
and Rick Frayard

![DSC_0729](images/stories/06.27.12.ABiz/gentlemen dinner/DSC_0729.JPG)

Pamplona staff