Brewhaha: Who's tops for taps

by Heather Miller

Village Café Executive Chef Jeremy Conner on the ‘cardinal sin' many commit when cooking at home, plus local trivia on what establishment boasts the most beers on tap

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This week, Village Café Executive Chef Jeremy Conner shares his thoughts on beer and how it relates to the art of cooking. He says one common step in many home recipes is the addition of water to a sauce. "From the chefs' perspective, this is a cardinal sin," he says. "Adding water, even in making gravy, simply dilutes the flavors we have worked hard to build up to that point." His personal favorite substitute for water in a savory recipe? Beer. When he's at home, not an ounce of that beer goes to waste, no matter how warm it might get. "It makes perfect sense to pop the top on a frosty fresh beer and toss the warming remnants of the previous one into the sauce," he says.

Brewhaha Trivia:
-_What Lafayette establishment boasts the most beers on tap? What bars or restaurants take a close second? A distant third?
Where's your favorite place to grab a frosty, draught beer in Lafayette?

Reminder: The goal of Brewhaha is for readers to go beyond finding the answer to trivia questions: The first person to correctly answer trivia is not the automatic winner of the blog. It's a dialogue, and the winning comment may not necessarily be the correct trivia answer.

Ryan Pecot, congrats on correctly answering one of two trivia questions you submitted answers for last week. Utah is indeed the state with the least beer consumption in the country, yet it was the first state to repeal Prohibition. But the only dry parish in Louisiana is not Beauregard - it's West Carroll. As for what many towns in America did on the eve of Prohibition in response to the alcoholic beverage ban taking effect? They sold their jails, thinking that the ban on alcohol would eliminate crime and the need for local jails. Har!

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