Dish of the Day: Tsunami's Crunchy roll

by Katie Macdonald

Until Aug. 15, enjoy a $20 meal of Miso soup, salad, one regular roll and entrée at Tsunami during the 2012 EatLafayette campaign.

Diced tempura shrimp, masago a type of fish roe and avocado wrapped in sticky rice and drizzled with a special sauce, Tsunami's Crunchy roll ($7) is one of the restaurant's most popular items. The Crunchy roll is part of a larger EatLafayette special, where diners can order Miso soup, a house salad, one sushi roll (less than $9) and a choice of Chicken Teriyaki or Tonkatsu entrée for $20. During the campaign, Tusnami will feature 17 of its famous rolls, including the Alaskan roll ($8), Philadelphia roll ($6) and John Breaux roll ($8) a sautéed crawfish and avocado roll served with a spicy sauce.

Tsunami opened its doors in January 2000, offering many adventurous eaters of Lafayette their first taste of sushi. Today, Tsunami is known for its premier Asian cuisine and upscale atmosphere and located on 412 Jefferson Street. It is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Every week day during EatLafayette, the popular initiative to get more diners into locally owned restaurants, The Independent will spotlight a Dish of the Day; on Wednesdays, our Dish of the Day also becomes the Dish of the Week and is published in the print edition. The campaign runs June 18 to Aug. 15.

To be eligible for the Dish of the Day feature, digital images from participating EatLafayette restaurants or their patrons must be emailed to Katie Macdonald at   [email protected] or Elizabeth Rose at   [email protected] . (From time to time, The Independent will also photograph some of the dishes.) When emailing please include information like any special cooking techniques used, the name of the chef or cook who prepared the dish, and whether the dish is part of an EatLafayette special. To be eligible for the Dish of the Week competition, cooks or chefs must also include the recipe and instructions on how to prepare the meal. Read more about The Independent's ongoing EatLafayette coverage here.