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Acadian makes ‘I.C.E' contact more accessible

by Heather Miller

A new app from Acadian Ambulance creates an emergency contact banner on the home screens of smart phones, making in case of emergency' contacts more accessible for ambulance and other emergency workers. Acadian Companies has created a new app to aid in emergency situations, giving smart phone users the option to have an emergency contact banner on their home screen so emergency workers can access it without having to unlock the phone.

According to a release from Acadian, ambulance workers are often unable to access information for people who keep an "I.C.E" (in case of emergency) contact on their phone, as most people keep their cell phones locked:
Because access to this information can be crucial in emergencies, Acadian Ambulance has developed the Acadian I.C.E. app.  The app, which is offered free of charge as a public service from Acadian, creates an emergency contact banner on the phone's home screen or lock screen. If there is an emergency and the user is unable to communicate, authorities can contact the user's designated emergency contact even if the phone is locked.

The I.C.E. app also allows users to securely store information regarding current medications, medication allergies, and health conditions. This information, accessible only after the phone has been unlocked by the user or the emergency contact, can ensure medical personnel are informed of any special needs or conditions. In addition to emergency situations, the I.C.E. app can also help if the phone is lost since the contact number can be used to return the phone.

The free Acadian I.C.E. app is now available to iPhone and Android users by searching "Acadian I.C.E." in the App Store or Google Play.  For more information about the app and for detailed instructions on how to download the free app, visit
Acadian Companies comprises six divisions: Acadian Ambulance Service, Acadian Monitoring Services, Air Med, Executive Aircraft Charter Service, National EMS Academy and Safety Management Systems. It boasts more than 3,600 employees.

Read the full release from Acadian here.