Vermilionville celebrates Native American Culture

by Wynce Nolley

Vermilionville will be celebrating the distinct culture of Louisiana's Native American population during Native American Culture Day on Saturday, Sept. 8, from 10 a.m. 4 p.m.

Ambassadors from the many Native American tribes all over Louisiana will be on hand throughout Vermilionville on Saturday to celebrate their rich heritage and showcase their many talents with food, music, dance and crafts.

The event features a slate of demonstrations and activities including traditional Native American dances accompanied by drumming; how ancient weapons were made and used; jewelry and bead work; weaving and basketmaking; cooking and food preparation as well as presentations on bousillage ovens and traditional huts.

There will also be screenings of films on Native American culture including Water on the Road by John Sharp and Native Waters: A Chitimacha Recollection.

There's also craft activities for children including how to make gourd rattles and pouches and sharing circles on healing practices and hunting and fishing.

Children and their families can also take part in a scavenger hunt where they are given a map full of clues pointing them to the various tribes scattered across the village. Along the way they will learn more and more about each particular tribe they visit while listening to their stories and watching them demonstrate their particular crafts. Once each family has gathered enough clues they can then offer their answers for a chance to win a special prize.

For a full schedule of the events and activities taking place during Native American Culture Day click here. For more information about Vermilionville call 233-4077 or visit vermilionville.org.