In style for INDSTYLE

by Amanda Bedgood

Tickets going fast for the year's fashion event

One week from today The IND rolls out a fashion event like Lafayette has never experienced and we advise you buy your tickets now. Think I'm being a bit dramatic? Ten retailers (that's right, 10) are putting on a show with fall's most fashion forward pieces. Seven fashion forward dressers will be honored in the first ever IND Style Awards. And it will all wrap up with a Big Hair finale.

It's a chance to celebrate all that is fabulous about fashion around here. And get a gander at what everyone will be wearing as temperatures cool. So, what should you wear? Well, that's a great question. Creative cocktail may be the best description. This is the place for fearless dressing. The chance to wear something that's fun and eccentric and totally out of the box. This night (much like the awards themselves) aren't about money and labels and the do's and dont's of style. It's about individual, independent, fierce style.

Tickets are going fast. And they are available at all the fine folk who will be bringing fashion to you that night. Grab a few before they're gone and get your best dress ready.