Standing room only

by Amanda Bedgood

IND Style Awards promise to bring out the style mavens

Tonight is the night. The night. The IND Style Awards. An event years in the making in terms of concept and months of hard work in terms of planning and execution for the team at the IND charged with putting it all together. Rehearsals are underway today and I'm still trying to decide what to wear. (It's either a cute black dress or a cute black dress. Decisions, decisions. Don't worry, fearless dressers, I promise neither choice is boring.)

If you still want to come and haven't snagged a ticket yet there will be some standing room only ones at the door ($25). Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30. A bevy of local stores are going to be showing off their latest and greatest, six everyday honorees with great personal style will be honored (we can't wait to see what they'll be wearing) and one zydeco cowboy celeb (we know he'll probably be rocking those starched jeans). It all wraps up with a big hair finale (if you know this girl you know I love some big hair). And then some dancing.

Our eyes will be peeled tonight for some style maven sightings so bring out your best (think creative cocktail). We can't wait to report back tomorrow with what we find. Stay tuned.