E's Kitchen now carrying knives for lefties

by Elizabeth Rose

Left-handed people tend to draw the short straw most of their lives, forced to deal with equipment that was designed without consideration for the 10 percent. E's Kitchen is making it a little easier for lefties to get along in a right-handed world with knives made specifically for left-handed people. The knives, made by Shun, have a reverse "D" grip that makes cutting with the left hand more comfortable.

"If you're right-handed, (the knife handle) makes the shape of a D and that's where your knuckles wrap around the hand grip, which is why a left-handed (handle) would be exactly the opposite," explains E's Kitchen's Paul Ayo.

The knives come in four different sizes: a 3 1/2-inch paring knife for $94.95, an 8-inch classic chef knife for $174.95 and 5- or 7-inch premier and classic Santuko knives for $174.95. The Premier Santuko has a wooden handle with an unconventional design, and the metal has a hammered look with a smaller grain, so the metallurgy has a much tighter fit. The Classic Santuko has indentations in the blade that prevent food from sticking to the blade while cutting.

Ayo says they may not always have the knives in stock, but can always order them. E's Kitchen is located in Parc Lafayette at 1921 Kaliste Saloom Road, suite 103.