Cover Story

Katrina and Rita: One Year Later

A special commemorative issue chronicling Louisiana's ongoing recovery from two devastating 2005 hurricanes

One Year Later
By Scott Jordan

The Power Shuffle
The diaspora provoked by Katrina and Rita is still under way, moving around people, political influence and regional culture.
By Jeremy Alford

Do You Know What It Means to Myth New Orleans?
One of the Crescent City's biggest challenges is overcoming inaccurate reports and stereotypes that formed in the immediate wake of Katrina.
By Katy Reckdahl

Rough Road Home
Vermilion and Iberia Parish residents have finally secured funding from the Louisiana Recovery Authority, but lack of a master rebuilding plan leaves their small towns at risk.
By Mary Tutwiler

Tough Love
Tracking the continuing odyssey of a resourceful 6-year-old who was separated from his family for days after Hurricane Katrina.
By Leslie Turk

Like It Was Yesterday
Emotions are still raw and strained in the tight-knit community of Mouton Cove, where residents seek comfort in each other.
By Jeremy Alford

Gimme Shelter
An Independent Weekly investigation reveals the state's emergency shelter program is still awash in bureaucratic confusion and finger-pointing.
By Nathan Stubbs

The Forgotten
Hurricane Rita decimated Cameron Parish, but residents say they're still living in the shadow of Hurricane Katrina.
By R. Reese Fuller

The fishing communities of lower St. Bernard Parish bore the brunt of Katrina's winds and storm surge. Now they're fighting federal indifference and incompetence.
By David Winkler-Schmit

A Fistful of Hope
New Orleans residents navigate the peaks and valleys of their post-Katrina world.
By R. Reese Fuller

News Briefs
Media back in NOLA, Blanco wants to maintain Guard control and more
By The Independent Staff

Snake Oil
By Greg Peters

Posters with a Purpose
The Hurricane Poster Project opens a special exhibition at the Old State Capitol on Aug. 29.
By Scott Jordan

Abbott and Costello Rebuild New Orleans
A legendary comedy skit reimagined post-Katrina
By Michael Tisserand

Sounds of the Storm
An all-star benefit concert DVD and a veteran New Orleans brass band's reinterpretation of a classic Marvin Gaye album provoke mixed emotions.
By Scott Jordan

Capturing Katrina and A Watery Grave
Four documentaries remind the world that the Gulf Coast still needs help, while Spike Lee's documentary shows how democracy failed in Hurricane Katrina's dark flood.
By Shala Carlson and Felicia Feaster