Violins abound at 'Fiddlers on the Bayou'

by Wynce Nolley

Fiddlers on the Bayou is back for its fifth go around this Thursday at Vermilionville.

Fiddlers on the Bayou is back for its fifth go around this Thursday, Oct. 11, starting at 7 p.m. at Vermilionville.

The annual South Louisiana violinist showcase, led by fiddler extraordinaire David Greely, once again features a myriad of different styles performed by local heavyweights including  Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones-Savoy, Cedric Watson and Chris Stafford.

There will also be a presentation on the significance of water quality in Bayou Vermilion and the environment's symbiosis in molding contemporary Acadiana culture.

"As the fiddle is the backbone to our music, our bayous are the backbone of the way we established our homes and our lives in Acadiana," states Greely in a press release from Vermilionville.  "Just as we preserve our cultural heritage, we need to remember that our environment deserves the same reverence and at Fiddlers on the Bayou, we celebrate that interconnectedness."

Tickets for this year's fiddle medley are $20 and can be bought online at fiddlersonthebayou.com. For more information call Vermilionville at 233-4077 or visit bayouvermilion.com.