Hands-on cooking Cajun cooking class tonight for Festivals

by Elizabeth Rose

Tonight, Brandon Broussard will host a cooking class at Cité des Arts as an homage to Festivals Acadiens et Creoles. Cité des Arts will host a cooking class by Brandon Broussard today from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for those who wish to pass the time as Cajuns before us have - by chatting over a blackpot. All participants will prepare their meals together, and then all will eat together when the food is ready, allowing ample time to relax and enjoy the company. Sit, cook and drink - beer provided by LA 31.

Learn how to cook gumbo, potato salad and bread pudding all while listening to some live music. It's not a Cajun celebration without dancing, so there will be dance lessons at 3 p.m. to precede the cooking class.

The cooking class, which includes instruction, lunch and a local history and culture lesson, is $35, and the dance lessons are $10 extra. To sign up, contact Brandon Broussard at 257-0801. Cité des Arts is located at 109 Vine St. downtown.