Ombre hair

by Amanda Bedgood

Low maintenance meets fashion forward

Few things are worse in the world of hair than roots. And so, it is with great surprise I applaud the continuing ombre trend. The key, you see, with ombre is that it looks properly and purposefully done. (Sorry, don't think you're going to get away with those roots, ladies.)

The key, says ombre expert Nicole David of Salon NV, is that one color simply melts into another. Hard to describe. Easy to spot.

We're loving the ombre hair on Whitney Port (Nicole says she's an oft requested celeb hair do) and Jessica Biel. And while over at IND Style we'd rather step on our lips than criticize someone, we're not loving Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore's ombre. I'm a huge fan of that whacky Barrymore style. But, beauty for this IND styler is ultimately about what makes you, well, more beautiful. Not feeling it for Drew with this particular take on ombre. (But, she's rocked several red carpets with an ombre job that did, indeed, melt from one color to another that we're loving.)

Hair that's smooth, glam and truly grades seamlessly from one color to another is a trend we can hop on board with. (Especially if means less time dealing with those blasted roots.)