Dancing with the Stars

by Amanda Bedgood

Local dancers bring the moves to heated competition

Tonight nine couples will take the stage at the Frem Boustany Convention Center in a competition that's getting awfully serious for something that's not so serious. Dancing with the Stars to benefit Schools of the Sacred Heart is the first competition of its kind in Lafayette. The brain child of Suzy Shea Kimball and her sister Katy Svendson has created some friendly competition among dancers who are bringing the trash talk this week. And we're dying to see what they'll wear come Thursday night.

Ted Viator, who has dubbed himself Ted Astaire for the time being, is working on his trophy case to hold the mirror-balled award he's confident will go home with he and Liz Simon DeJean after their saucy Latin number.

"It will be flamboyant. There's nothing shy about us, I would say," Ted says just days before the competition. "It's all for a great cause and it is for the nuns so we will be respectful."

Respectful but saucy. And hot. "Very hot."

One of the most highly anticipated dancers of the night is surely the school's head mistress Sister Lynne Lieux.

"She's having a lot of fun with it," says organizer Katy Svendson.

Sister Lieux is not alone. Dancer Christine Lemoine is bringing her experience straight from Death Valley with her stint as an LSU Golden Girl in the late 70's.

"I've been getting in shape to get back to those high kicks," Lemoine says.

She and dancing partner Lawrence Svendson will pay homage to the hilarious Spartan cheerleaders of SNL before getting down to business with a serious tango. There will be velcro and a dramatic costume change involved. But, the specifics of the costume? They're not spilling the beans. In fact, IND Style couldn't get anyone to dish about those costumes.

"We want to keep them under wraps," Svendson says.

In addition to thoughtful costumes, each dancing duo was paired with a professional choreographer and each routine and song remains a tightly guarded secret to ensure everyone brings a unique performance.

"These are people that like to dance. Fun loving people. People that say 'yes' to the unknown," Svendson says of their crop.

Come out to the Frem Boustany center tonight for the big reveal. Tickets are $65 and get you a spot at a table with wine and a party tray. Call Suzy at 380-9841.