Dancing the night away

by Amanda Bedgood

Dancing with the Stars brings the glitz, the glamour and the dough for Sacred Heart

To say the first Dancing with the Stars to benefit the Schools of the Sacred Heart was a smash would be an understatement. Nine couples outdid themselves on the dance floor, supporters outdid themselves in the way of donations (raising a whopping $180,000) and Ted Viator outdid everyone in his sparkling pants.

Christine Lemoine and Lawrence Svendson brought home the mirror ball trophy after garnering the most votes/donations. And while the winners weren't based on performance, that didn't stop the couples from bringing it with saucy Latin numbers, campy hip hop and rocking 80s performances.

A panel of judges provided commentary including Karmen Blanco in a smashing green dress with matching eye makeup. We couldn't get enough of Kristina Suire's purple dance number, which she wore for a high school production. (If she weren't so cute, we'd kind of hate her.) Sister Lynne Lieux (the school's headmistress) was as cute as a button in her polka dots and hot pink and fearless on the dance floor.

It was clear that Christine Lemoine and Lawrence Svendson had some experience in the dance department (he an LSU cheerleader and she a Golden Girl) when they tangoed their way across the dance floor.

Michele Ezell was also about as cute as they come in pigtails with dance partner Jerry Prejean in athletic-themed outfits. The Tsunami owner may be known for the freshest sushi in town, but she could definitely make it as a tap dancer.

Cookie Bacque and Dr. Brad Roth were a hot duo along with Liz Simon DeJean and Ted Viator. Viator and DeJean wrapped the night with an entrance as bride and groom before stripping down to sparkling getups we hear may have been crafted from some Apollo pieces of year's gone by.

Alicia Gandy and Jimmy Hebert were some kind of 80s fun with a performance that included a surprise breakdown from Jimmy we didn't see coming. Dan Hare had some secret skills on the dance floor as well as he joined Debbie Pearce who was looking fabulous in a red fringed dress. Christina Cain Popp and Joe Godchaux proved you can drink and dance as they recreated a jukebox scene. And we were seriously impressed that David Boulet stayed upright in his disco heels. Couldn't have been easy while balancing that giant wig.

Stay tuned for video of the best performances and photo albums.